If You Hate America, Vote for This Bill!

House set to vote for H.R. 2454, The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.

Call your representative and say "If you hate America, vote for this bill!"

This is a bill based on a hoax. Global warming is a hoax and our representatives are voting on a 1,200 plus page bill that is supposed to save the planet. They haven't even read it. This must be the new slogan for greens: "Save the Planet; Kill the United States of America!" Back in march 2009, I wrote "democRATs are committed to killing the United States". Back in November 2008, Christopher Booker warned us: "President-elect Barack Obama proposes economic suicide for US."

Yes folks, your Kenyan-Indonesian-muslim president who won't even bother to prove his eligibility by simply producing his birth certificate is committed to destroy the United States of America. I keep bringing up Hussein's eligibility because if it is eventually shown that he was not eligible to hold the highest office, all the laws (death warrants for US) will be null and void. Sign The Petition.

This monstrosity of bill is the most costly bill. WashingtonWatch.com estimates that it will cost $12,021.75 per American family. Yes, you and I will be forced to give more of our hard-earned money to these scammers while they are taking our freedoms away.

Guess who will benefit? Read about the looters here.

This bill is a SCAM called "Cap-and-Trade" that is based on a SCAM called "Global Warming".

It is designed to make the political class more powerful. It is designed to have elites command and control your life. It is designed to keep you poor and dependent. The bureaucrats in your government are lying and deceiving you so you don't get the truth about global warming.

Green Hell Blog has a vote count. Call your representatives and ask them if they hate America. If they say no then ask them why they are voting for this bill that will kill America.

Let's KILL this BILL!

  1. This bill is going to pass easily.. get over it. We nee to save the environment. This is out best shot.

  2. Question: who is running the country? Michelle Obama, Rahm Emmanuel or Saul Alinksy ( from the grave)? Why do all these leftists hate their country? I propose all readers to get in touch with their Socialist legislators and ask them that question….Young people in this country do not know (and why should they) what has already been lost in constitutional rights and protectsions….I am a member of the “Forgotten Generation” ( born between 1927 and 1944) and when we are gone who will tell the rest what has been stolen from us while we were busy living…Those of us in my generation AND certainly the Boomers Generation need to apologize to all those coming after us for what we have allowed to be stolen from them and what it will cost them in opportunity, freedom and treasure…keep on keeping on but get with it and ask the questions…the economy will right itself for awhile but the foundations of this great country for which so many have died may be cracked beyond repair…hurry- we are approaching the point of no return…