Is This America?

“Is this America -- when you do what your government asks you to do and then retroactively you also have additional conditions?” Kovacevich said. “If we were not forced to take the TARP money, we would have been able to raise private capital at that time” and not needed to cut the dividend to preserve cash, he said.

Wells Fargo Assails TARP, Calls Stress Test ‘Asinine’ -

"Is this America?"

We have been asking this question since the un-American Hussein became The POTUS and started his agenda of "transforming" this country.

Is this America where congressmen and senators harass private companies and their CEOs for their use of private jets?

Is this America where the president and his party target talk show hosts and plot ways to shut them up?

Is this America where the presidents disses our long term allies and works to make nice with corrupt, vicious tyrannies that want us dead?

Is this America where secretary of state tells countries who abuse their citizens' rights that "there is room for improvement? Yes Egyptians use something smoother than a broomstick to sodomize your political prisoners and this country will consider that "improvement".

Is this America where hard working Americans dream big are made fun of and investigated by the government while lazy ass welfare queens who game the system are rewarded when they cry in a political rally?

Is this America where the President and his political party ram their radical agenda through congress without allowing debate?

Is this America where media accepts voluntarily its role as being the lapdog of the administration? Is this America where media acts as the propaganda arm of one political party?

I can go on an on... You are welcome to add your own.

Is this America you want? Is this America you can get used to?