Islam Must Be Stopped

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Westerners do not understand Middle Eastern culture, its religion, Islam, and how Islam as a political and religious ideology drives and impacts every aspect of the culture and its people. Westerners come from a Judeo-Christian background, where the teaching of faith centers on love, tolerance, and forgiveness. They do not understand that the sword of Islam–so glamorized on film–represents hatred, intolerance, murder, and the subjugation of anyone not Muslim.

This is what I have been saying for years. You cannot look at islam as a religion only and try to give it the Western idea of religious tolerance. Islam is a religion that demands to have its own political and legal rules applied to the society. These rules are directly opposite of what we believe in the Western world.

Many Islamic practices, such as fasting, tithing, daily prayers, and profession of faith, have much in common with Christianity and Judaism. However, what makes Islam different from other religions is its call to kill and subjugate all other members of other faiths. The terrorists of today as well as imams in mosques throughout the world are calling for the death of millions of people around the world in the name of Islam. They are calling for jihad against the infidels, citing suras and verses from the Koran and Hadith to support their call to action. In order to understand why terrorists quote the Koran as the foundation behind their actions, we must come to understand Islam as a political and religious ideology.

Islam is not one's faith and a way of worship to his/her own god. It is a religion that has a complete set of rules about how you live your life. It is a social, economic and a legal system. It is a system from the 6th century. It has never been through its own reform or renaissance. It is backward. It cannot even be called civilization. If you don't believe me look into how people live in Saudi Arabia. Remember the Taliban and how they ran Afghanistan?

In Islam’s view, the world and mankind are divided into two irreconcilable groups: Dar Al Islam, the house of Islam, which is made up of believers, and where Islamic law reigns; and Dar Al Harb, the house of war, made up of non-Muslims, where infidels (known as kuffars, or nonbelievers) live. This of course refers to those of us who do not believe and profess Islam.

In Islamic teaching, all people will one day accept Islam or submit to its rule. Based on Islamic teaching Islam cannot recognize political borders or permanent peace treaties. According to Ibin Taamiyah, a fourteenth-century Muslim jurist, any act of war against Dar Al Harb is morally and legally justified, and exempt from any ethical judgment.

The deceiving, lying, cheating the unbelievers is part of the war against them. That's why you can never trust them. Heck! Why get upset if they are lying to us... They want to kill us folks. Keep this in mind when you see CAIR spokesmen on TV next time. Idiot liberal democRATs believe them; we should not.

I talked about muslim deception extensively. Don't fall for these folks. Look at the countries who are under islamist rule. Are they tolerant? Do they respect other faiths? The answer is no! Don't be fooled by muslim deception.

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  2. Most Islamic followers could not read or write and accepted lesson by Hadith persons. Islam is not a religion but a faith commitment of unity in the worship of the Oneness of Allah/God. Sunni, Shiites, Christians, Jews are religious groups with the power to explain their narrow path in the worship of God. Islam is accomplished by submission to the will of Allah; that does not mean submit to the will of religious groups for as one can be excummunicated from a religion one can never be excummunicated for the wubmission to the will of Allah/God. Moslem is to Islam as Christians are to Christianity; there are no faith commitments in the worship of God terrorists, only in the subordinate none sacred religious groups. Islam has no intermediary between Allah and the believer and even Hadith, the Koran, Imams or Ayatollos can be the intermediary. God, like most Moslems/Muslims know, has no helpmates even in so called Jihads.