Islamist Jihadists attacked us and killed innocents on September 11, 2001, Mr. President

White House web page has a small blurp about September 11:

On this 8th anniversary of the tragedies of September 11th, the White House observed a moment of silence at 8:46 AM. The President will speak at the Pentagon Memorial later this morning.

"tragedies of September 11th," that's what it says.

This is repulsive.

Our kenyan-indonesian-muslim-marxist president thinks a deliberate attack by islamist terrorists that killed thousands of Americans is no different than a natural disaster. Second, you may think that the use of word "tragedies" in plural is to cover all the attacks that day, but in reality it is a code word for these leftist delusional cowards who want to bring western civilization down as much as the islamist jihadists. You see folks, "tragedies" also cover the tragedy of poor, desperate muslims who were left with no choice but to turn to violence because of the policies of U.S. according to these cowards. Leftists always find a way to show empathy to the perpetrators of terrorist and criminal acts no matter how heinous the crimes are. They always try to make the case that it is always the civilized western society's fault that murderer went on a rampage or 19 plus muslims followed a highly detailed plan to attack us.

No Mr. Hussein, September 11, was no tragedy. We were attacked by evil savages that day. No, you leftist morons, we will not fall for your propaganda. September 11 attacks were perpetrated by islamist jihadists who were recruited and trained by a rich muslim and his organization. All muslims involved in the attacks came from fairly well-off circumstances and they were educated, some in this country by the leftist brainwashers in our colleges.

Mr. Hussein, STOP the WHITE-WASHING of September 11, 2001 attacks.

This is not a day for fighting climate change or changing light bulbs or hugging trees or cheerleading expansions of government national service programs.

This is a day to honor innocent men, women, and children slaughtered by evil Islamic jihadists — and to resolve that “Never again” remains America’s operational stance, not an empty slogan.

What will you remember? What will you resolve?

Eight years later: Remembrance and resolve

We should all resolve to fight the liberal democRAT cowardice in fighting terrorism. Don't forget folks: liberal democRAT policies and attacks on our own intelligence and cowardice in attacking the enemies contributed massively to our inability to stop September 11 attacks. Mr. Hussein's speeches will not stop the evil. His delusional policies will make it easier for terrorists to attack us.

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