It was all a ruse

The whole simulus drama was a well orchestrated scam folks. We got taken to the cleaners by Obama and his cronies.

You see liberal democRATs are not interested in stimulating the economy. A booming capitalist economy is their enemy. They are the party of misery, poverty and death. They need to keep millions in poverty who will depend on socialist government for the rest of their lives. They need to create a permanent underclass of people who are on welfare waiting for their government benefits. They need to be able to bus these people to polling places to vote for liberal democRAT agenda when it is time to vote. They need dead people to vote for them.

So Obama, Pelosi and Reid conspired to write a "stimulus" bill full of pork and payback to liberal democRAT supporters like enviromaniacs and unions that was sure to raise the ire of Republicans. They have total control of House. They knew who they can bribe in the Senate. So there was no way this bill was going to fail. They knew it but they needed the drama so they can distract people from discovering the things they hid in this bill. The stuff that has nothing to do with stimulating the economy. The hard-core socialist agenda of undoing the welfare reform, command and control health care and wealth redistribution were hidden in this bill and they did not want anyone to know about it. So with the help of phony journalists who are embedded in network and cable news and the other propagandists created this drama of Obama fighting to pass his first major bill through Congress.

Over 1000 pages of most extreme liberal democRAT agenda will become the law of the land next week. Over a trillion dollars of tax payer money we do not have will be used to fund the most extreme liberal democRat agenda in the history of this country. The first Kenyan-Indonesian-UnAmerican President of the United States is working hard to "transform" this country. I shudder to think how this country of ours will look like when Obama and his ilk done with their "transforming".

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