Jihadis are killing our soldiers here in our own country

A Muslim convert accused of killing a soldier in a "political and religious" attack on a military recruiting center pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a capital murder charge and was ordered held without bail.

Suspect pleads not guilty in soldier's death - Yahoo News!

"Political and religious" attack... Religion of peace at work for you.

Police Chief Stuart Thomas said Muhammad, previously known as Carlos Bledsoe, was a convert to Islam and was not part of any broader scheme to attack the American military.

Sure, it was just an isolated incident. What is this muslim's full name? "Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad". Guess what "Mujahid" means? It means "one who is waging jihad". No, no, no it is not the peaceful, internal struggle as islam apologists claim. It is the fight against the infidel. That's what jihad is and this "Mujahid" is a foot soldier of islam's war against the people who do not submit to islam. We have jihad being waged right here and our government officials kidding themselves with this BS. How many more Americans need to be killed by "mujahids" before we get serious about this threat folks?

Going back to his name again... Carlos Bledsoe, an African-American who converts to islam and changes his name to Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad. Interesting isn't it? I guess he wasn't happy being an American either.

An FBI-led joint terrorism task force based in the southern United States has been investigating Muhammad since he returned to the United States from Yemen, a law enforcement official said. The suspect had been arrested and jailed in Yemen at some point for using a Somali passport, the official said.

I wouldn't be surprised that it is uncovered that this guy had contacts with al-qeada. This may be one of the new tactics of muslim terrorists: Find mal-content Americans like this guy, convert them to islam, brainwash and train them and send them back to the United States to commit small scale terror acts.

You should also note that the phony media is not asking the right questions:

1) Is this guy an American citizen? Was he born here in the United States?
2) How did he get a Somali passport?
3) What was he doing in Yemen? How long did he stay there?
4) How did he finance the trip to Yemen?
5) Who is he? Can we get more information about where he lives and what he does and which mosques in the United States he visits?

The phony media that is always agitated about any gun violence is not even interested in this guy's assault rifle and other weapons and how he got them.

Deputy Prosecutor Scott Duncan said Muhammad told investigators that "he would have killed more soldiers had they been in the parking lot." Long and Ezeagwula were targeted as they stood outside the recruiting center smoking cigarettes.

We have jihad being waged here in our own country by muslims and our Kenyan-Indonesian President who happened to change his Americanized name is obsessed with making nice with muslims. Go figure...


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The Kenyan-Indonesian President is yet to make a statement about this. He couldn't wait to condemn the killing of an abortion doctor by a mentally disturbed man but he cannot condemn the killing of American soldiers by a muslim who may have terrorist connections. Go figure... Well, the muslim-convert who travels to Yemen with a Somali passport may not be in Janet Napolitano's homeland security department as much as a white guy driving around with tea party stickers on his car.