Last Word On Michelle Obama’s Make-Work Job

Here are my previous post about the Michelle Obama's position in University of Chicago Hospitals:

How did Michelle Obama Get Her Job?

Will The Phony Media Investigate Michelle Obama’s Jobs?

These are posts from September 2008. Common sense questions about Michelle Obama's job.

During the Blago incident we all were informed how the Governor of Illinois tried to get her wife land a well paying job. Come to think of it that's exactly what Obama did when he became a senator. Using political power and influence for personal gain seems to be what liberal democRATs do best.

Sweetness & Light has the last word on Michelle Obama's job which answers my questions the phony journalists never bothered to ask during the campaign.

Obama’s Own Blind Spot About Bonuses

"Moreover, Michelle’s job now seems to have been a make work position to encourage kickbacks earmarks from her husband, the Illinois Senator. (And, indeed, the hospital did enjoy earmarks from Mr. Obama.)

For as soon as Mrs. Obama left her job the position was dissolved."

Poor Obama voters will eventually figure out how badly they are swindled by the liberal democRATs.