Learn What Marxism is…

High School students, college students, adults listen up!

You are being indoctrinated by your teachers and partisan media.

Find out what marxism is before Obama and his communist allies pass their brown-shirts bill that is called "GIVE" act and force you to more indoctrination under the guise of forced volunteerism.

The American Thinker has the information you need:

What is Marxism? By Steven Plaut

Read it. Think about it. Your very own survival, your freedom depends on the understanding that marxism was based on a delusional idea that brings about the worst kind of tyranny that results in poverty, misery, destruction and death for millions of people. Study the history of the communist states. You'll find that it is absolutely amazing that there are still so-called intelligent people who still advocate this loony ideology. You will be more amazed to find out one of these people is your President Obama.