Let’s Spread The Wealth Around

So the Radical Socialist Barack Hussein Obama wants to tax a plumber and give the money to "less-fortunate" who in turn will be this plumber's customers. So the hard-working plumber who risked everything to start a business hoping to prosper and become independent, will be better of by giving more of his earnings to Obama's government folks! "Everyone will be better off" that's what radical socialist Obama is telling us. Unfortunately there are quite a few Americans who believe this idiocy thanks to the brain-washing by their teachers, professors, media and politicians.

If you really want to understand how socialism and communism work, listen to the following experiment at a High School:

I was an ordinary student with average grades attending Rising Red Star High School. In my classroom we had a few star students and a few trouble-makers but most of the students fell in the category of average just like me. Our academic work was graded pretty much the same as every other high school in the country.

Late January of last year, our newly assigned principal Mr. Oz brought about a change he called Academic Justice and Fairness in Grading. He held meetings with teachers, parents and students eloquently explaining that the students who are getting good grades under the current system do so because they have better educated parents, better homes, better living conditions that give them the advantage of being able to get more help and have a better home study environment. Average students do not have these kinds of unfair advantages. And the students with below-average grades were getting these grades due to no fault of their own. They were not blessed with all the things that make other students successful. He said the current grading system was inherently unfair and was causing unrest within the student body. His Academic Justice and Fairness in Grading Program, where the teachers allowed to adjust by taking some from above-average students' grades and giving those extra grades to below-average students, was adopted by the school board.

Initially, it really did not make much of a difference with me. I was still an average student. Well, there were more students like me now. Within the first week, there were a few of star students who left the school to attend other schools. Our principal and teachers condemned them and their families for being selfish and greedy and they told us we were better off without them. Truthfully, I was feeling much better since we were all getting pretty much the same grades. A few above-average students whose parents did not have the means to send them to a different school, gradually started to get lower grades. One or two exceptional students who were driven to get higher grades actually got despondent and turned into below-average students. All in all we all felt pretty good about ourselves.

When in March, statewide school test results announced, we were all shocked to learn that our school came in dead last. Our principal and teachers wasted no time protesting results and demanding that either our school should be evaluated under different standards or the whole state school system adopt Academic Justice and Fairness in Grading Program. We were told to wear uniforms and chant slogans praising our system of grading on all school athletic and academic events. Unfortunately we were losing in all academic and athletic competitions with other schools.

We heard one day that the students who were known to be above-average but now performing just like the rest of us, were being called into the principal's office. They were being told to study as hard as they used to and become star students again. They were not going to be rewarded with higher grades but they will be sent to these academic and athletic contests to represent the school. They were told that it was their patriotic duty to do this and there would be consequences if they don't comply.

We also noticed that the students who were known to be below-average but now getting grades just like the rest of us, were disappearing from our classes. We learned that they were being sent to another part of the school that was called re-education center. It was announced that although these students were valuable part of the student body, their performance at statewide testing and competitions was being used by staff and students at other schools to discredit our system of grading. They would no longer be allowed to participate in these tests and contests until after they finish their re-education at this center.

Well, if you are a high school or a university student and hear your teacher or professor telling you how great socialism or communism is, ask him or her to implement the Academic Justice and Fairness in Grading Program we had in our school.