Liberal democRAT HORSESHIT

Slowly, slowly, I am recovering from the extremely effective bilge festival staged by the Republicans last night. And while there is much to discuss, there was one item, in particular, that has to be considered infuriating: the attack on Barack Obama's service as a community organizer by the odious Rudy Giuliani--he's come to look like a villain in a Frank Capra movie, hasn't he?--and Sarah Palin.

What a Community Organizer Does

Joe Klein the ultimate liberal maggot is recovering from "the extremely effective bilge festival". Of course he is talking about the Republican Convention and republicans' "nasty" attacks on liberal democRATs. He is part of the same phony media that complained about not enough "red meat" thrown around at the democRATs' convention which was not true.

He is upset that the Republicans made fun of Barack Hussein Obama's "community organizing". Another Godless liberal who is trying to turn the tables around by using propaganda tactics. Mr. liberal Maggot Joe Klein;

How come you were not upset when liberals were making fun of small town mayors? Why didn't you write a column titled "What a small town mayor does"? Sarah Palin and other Republicans were responding to democRATs' charges that a former small town mayor is no way qualified to be the VP. They were contrasting the experience one gains from being a small town mayor with being a community organizer. They never made fun of what a community organizer does. You are using a standard propaganda tactic to twist their legitimate come-back on a baseless charge to another stupid and baseless charge. Mr. Maggot! Unfortunately the dumbing down of America is not complete yet and there are those of us who can see  through your propaganda.

On a side note... Was Barack Hussein Obama a community organizer or a street agitator? How successful was he? Go do a GOOGLE search folks. Listen to this:

Perhaps his most confrontational effort was to pressure city authorities to remove asbestos from the apartments in 1986. When the on-site manager didn't take action, Obama nudged the residents into confronting city housing officials in two angry public meetings downtown. These generated "a victory of sorts," Obama said later, as workers soon began sealing the asbestos in the buildings. But the project gradually ran out of steam and money. In fact, some tenants still have asbestos in their homes, according to current resident Linda Randle, 53, who worked with Obama in the '86 anti-asbestos campaign.

On the Streets of Chicago, a Candidate Comes of Age

These people still have asbestos in their homes. Wow! What an achievement! "a victory of sorts" for the community organizer.

Do you think Obama Hussein embellishes a little?

Don’t get me wrong - I’m a big fan of Barack Obama, the Illinois freshman senator and hot young Democratic Party star. But after reading his autobiography, I have to say that Barack engages in some serious exaggeration when he describes a job that he held in the mid-1980s.I know because I sat down the hall from him, in the same department, and worked closely with his boss. I can’t say I was particularly close to Barack - he was reserved and distant towards all of his co-workers - but I was probably as close to him as anyone. I certainly know what he did there, and it bears only a loose resemblance to what he wrote in his book.

Barack Obama Embellishes His Resume

Show me one liberal democRAT who dose not lie about his/her experience or past. So, nothing new here. This is interesting though:

"- he was reserved and distant towards all of his co-workers -"


Anyways... What is it with liberal democRATs and community anyway? They always talk about "community-building" and "community-organizing". You go to your neighborhood elementary school which is used to brain-wash your kids and you will see bunch of posters about "community" and how important it is etc. These are the same people who argue against being proud of your country. Who claim that our olympic athletes compete for humanity not for this nation. Isn't our nation a community? They don't like churches. Aren't churches communities? What kind of community are they talking about? People who live in the same neighborhoods, towns and cities; are they communities? If they are why do they need the community-organizing of liberal elites like Barack Hussein Obama?

This whole thing sounds more like communist obsession with "peoples". You see communists hated nations too. They sneered on people who were proud of their nations. What mattered was the "peoples" in these nations. Yes folks, it is "peoples" in plural. Communists wanted to break up nations with this "peoples" horseshit. Modern liberal democRATs want to break us into small "communities" they can agitate and organize while they are urging us to give up our national identity. What a horseshit!