Liberal democRATs think we are all stupid

Liberal democRATs think we are all stupid...

Yes, you rank-and-file democrats, this includes you! Your leaders, the people you vote for do think you are stupid! I tend to agree with them since you keep voting for these arrogant SOBs.

You will see many examples of this documented here at

Here are the latest:

"Stay tuned for Wednesday," Biden said in a Thursday speech to a Washington think tank a day after it was announced that Obama would make a rare speech to the joint houses of Congress as he seeks to boost flagging support for healthcare reform.

"It's going to be a major speech laying out in understandable, clear terms what our administration wants to happen with regard to health care and what we're going to push for, specifically," Biden said at the Brookings Institution.

Obama to lay out specifics on healthcare-Biden - Reuters

Yeah, the dear leader who fancies himself to solve all problems by making speeches will give another speech laying his government-run health care scheme out in understandable, clear terms so the stupid, ignorant masses of public can understand.

Here is the second example:

Congressman Rangel has been arrogant in refusing to discuss how, as the man who writes this country's tax laws, he failed to report over $1 million in outside income and $3 million in business transactions as required by the House, lapses under investigation by the House Ethics Committee.

"I recognize that all of you have an obligation to ask questions knowing that there's none of you smart enough to frame it in such a way that I'm going to respond," Rangel said.

Rangel-ing: Charlie Pays 'Angels' In Ethics Probe -

We are not smart enough to frame a question in a way that Congressman Rangel finds it worthwhile to answer.

Think about it for a minute...

This is the guy who writes the tax code. The same tax code, if you and I fail to comply, that may land us in jail.

The questions he thinks we are not smart enough to formulate is about his evation of tax code he wrote.

This guy will be re-elected and will keep writing tax codes he will keep cheating. all this thanks to the the supreme idiocy of democRAT voters.

Liberal democRATs do have a point in thinking we all are stupid idiots... At least, quite a few of us who keep voting for these arrogant SOBs are stupid!