Liberal Game Plan

Take an issue, charge it with emotions, blow it out of proportion, get government to regulate and control the market. The end result is that more businesses shut their doors and the very people you supposedly tried to help get hurt the most in the process.

That's what I wrote when the idiots in California passed their idiotic Car Buyers' Bill of Rights.

This is the same exact game plan Obama and liberal democRATs have been using with current economic downturn folks. This is exactly why Rahm Emanuel said: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." liberal democRATs want to use any bad news to expand their control over our lives.

Here is the step by step game plan again and see how it fits with what Obama and RATs have been doing all along:

1. Take an issue -- Let's say foreclosures...
2. Charge it with emotions -- Start crying that poor people got swindled by banks, they are forced to live in the streets, have media propagandists actually get emotional and cry while doing their fake TV News shows...
3. Blow it out of proportion -- Make it sound like almost everyone getting foreclosed. Do not mention the single digit percentage of homes that are actually in foreclosure; just keep talking about double digit percentage increases in foreclosures to make it look much bigger than it is.
4. Get government to regulate and control the market. -- Stop banks from taking their properties back. Start taking control of banks.

This is one example folks. You can see them using this same game plan on all the issues.

Now, just take a deep breath and think: What do you think will be the end result of this game plan as far as availability of affordable home mortgages in the future?

Who or what business wants to be in the business of loaning hundreds and thousands of dollars to people to buy homes if they know that these people can get away with not paying back and keeping the home? When government stops you from collecting the debt or taking your property back, when courts stop foreclosure proceedings based on a ridiculous concept of producing the original note, when government sponsored so-called non-partisan, non-profit organizations like ACORN supporting debtors invading your property, why in the hell do you want to be in the mortgage business?

So the natural result is that more banks will get out of mortgage business and the ones stay will need to charge higher rates.

Who do you think is going to hurt by this? Not Chris Dodd! He can still get a sweet-heart loan from a bank. Rich will be fine also. You guessed it right: The same people who liberal democRATs claim to help will be hurt by this in the future. Yes, Today a handful of them will get to keep houses they are not paying for but millions of them will have a very difficult time buying a house in the future.

I know, I know, some of you, the victims of public education and liberal propaganda will argue that you will push for universal home ownership like you are pushing for universal health care and universal education where government pays for everything. I don't think you understand how and where your government gets its money but I strongly suggest that take some time to learn about it. You should also take time to read history and study what happens when ideas like those actually tried.