Liberal Propaganda: They Hate Us

Anti-Americanism Is Mostly Hype - WSJ - By FOUAD AJAMI

"American liberalism is heavily invested in this narrative of U.S. isolation. The Shiites have their annual ritual of 10 days of self-flagellation and penance, but this liberal narrative is ceaseless: The world once loved us, and all Parisians were Americans after 9/11, but thanks to President Bush we have squandered that sympathy."

This is the propaganda we have been hearing from liberal DemocRATs for years. "The world hates us." They cry. Here is the simple question: Why does the world only hate us when we have a Republican President that does not compromise on our own interests? The answer is, as Mr. AJAMI states in his article, the world does not hate us. Leftists, socialists, communists all around the world and liberal democRATs in this country hate us. These are the same people who want to pass all kind of hate crime laws. I said it before: liberal democRATs are the most hateful people. Guess what will get rid of this so-called widespread hate against us? Liberal democRATS if we vote them to positions of power: The Presidency and majority in Congress. Pretty slick ha! These weasels run around saying "the world hate us", "vote for us then the world will love us". I don't know about you folks but I'd rather live in a world where we are strong, powerful and prosperous. There is nothing that will stop leftists, socialists, communists and liberal democRATs from hating us. Well, there is only one thing: we stop being who we are and convert to being weasels. You see that is why liberal democRATs try so hard under the guise of multi-culturalism to force us give up our own identity.

"And if there is enthusiasm for Barack Obama on foreign shores, his rise to fame and power must be a tribute to the land that has made this possible. Where else would a boy of marginality and relative poverty find his way to the peak of political life? Certainly not in his father's Kenya, where the tribal origins of the Obamas would have determined young Barack's life-chances. In an Arab world hemmed in by pedigree, where rulers bequeath power to their sons and the lot of the sons is invariably that of the fathers, the tale of Obama is fantasy."

Have you heard any appreciation from Barack Hussein Obama or other liberal democRATs for the opportunity the United States of America gave him? What if his Kenyan father took him back to Kenya and raised him there? What would Hussein be doing in Kenya now?  Maybe, just maybe his wife would have been proud of their country: Kenya because unlike evil U.S. it offers so much for black people.

Barack Hussein Obama:

"We know what kind of campaign they're going to run. They're going to try to make you afraid. They're going to try to make you afraid of me. They're going to say you know what, “He's young and inexperienced and he's got a funny name. Did I mention he's black?”

This is disgusting! This is eactly what liberal democRATs do. Mr. Obama, you being a presidential nominee who happens to be black is something that makes us all proud of this country unlike your wife. We are proud of the opportunities this country offers to all of us. We are proud of the progress we made. We are not afraid of you being black. I am not against you being the President of the United States because you are black. I am against you because you have bad ideas that will hurt this country. Mr. Obama, yes you are black. Clarence Thomas is black. Condoleeza Rice is black. I would campaign, support and vote for them or any other Conservative Republican who happens to be black.

You see folks, Americans with common sense do not look at a person's skin color first. They judge people by the content of his/her character. Guess what? liberal democRATs do not care about minorities or the skin color of people either. There is only one thing matters to liberal democRATS: Commitment to party ideology. That's why they only celebrate the achievements of liberal democRAT minorities and try viciously to destroy any conservative regardless of his/her being black, gay or poor.

This is a disgusting trick played by this so-called "post-racial" -- another liberal nonsense -- nominee who will "bring the country together". It only proves to me one more time that he is not a man of character!