Media’s Blackout on muslim violence

CAMPBELL BROWN, CNN ANCHOR: (voice-over): Here are the questions we want answered. Are homegrown terrorists more dangerous than al Qaeda? Tonight, chaos in the heart of the capital, breaking news on the deadly shooting at Washington's Holocaust Museum.

Guard Shot and Killed at Holocaust Museum; Too Tolerant of Hate?

Wow! Phony journalist Campbell Brown is all riled up about "homegrown terrorist" 88-year-old white supremacist. She even claims that a lone loony gunman is more dangerous than a worldwide islamist terror organization that is seeking to kill Americans in a mass scale.

Well, you know what, I probably would have no problem with her hysterics if she and the rest of the phony media was equally hysterical about a homegrown alqaeda jihadi who killed an American Soldier right here in America. I would have understood their concerns about gun violence if they had shown a little bit curiosity about how this jihadi got his weapons. Have you heard about the Pakistan hotel bombing? Not from the phony media...

Armed men entered the Pearl Continental hotel in the northwestern city on Tuesday, firing at security personnel before detonating explosives, government and security officials said.

It is pretty similar to Mumbai attack. Is it possible homegrown jihadis to mount a similar attack here?

Why is the media blocking out muslim terror attacks? has stories about the Arkansas shooter merely repeating what the authorities saying happened without any interpretation or investigation into the shooter's motive, background and religion. It also has stories about the museum shooter expanding upon his background and drawing conclusions about a wider threat by hate groups. There is no such conclusion drawn from the muslim jihadi shooting and how the hatred spewed by him may also be at the base of a wider threat. Why is there a different treatment? Do the muslims enjoy affirmative action when it comes to hatred and violence towards Americans? Do the media elites think the muslims are justified in their hatred and violence?

Why is the rush in claiming there was no terrorism involved in Air France crash?

Two passengers with names linked to Islamic terrorism were on the Air France flight which crashed with the loss of 228 lives, it has emerged.

Terror Names Linked To Doomed Flight AF 447

Why is this not being reported?

I am just trying to understand what is going on here folks... Is it because the media does not want their new god-like president look bad? They used to trumpet any act of violence in Iraq. Terrorists still blowing up cars over there and the media ignores them now. Since their god-like president wasn't able to stop the muslim hatred and violence, they probably think that they can create an illusion of peace and harmony by not reporting the war...

Obama certainly created a bizarre world...

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