Media’s Koran Burning Orgasm

First of all a courtesy notice to coward liberals: No, using the word "orgasm" and 'koran" in the same sentence is not provocative and it will not incite muslim violence. Islam is a religion that wants to control the minutiae of a muslim's life. I am sure that is one of the reasons why you liberals like islam so much. Anyways, each and every day muslim religious scholars issue decisions about female masturbation to menstruation and anything in between. So there's nothing to worry. By the way, for those who are curious: Female masturbation is not allowed in islam.

Back to the subject at hand: The propagandist media went into a frenzy about an obscure pastor's idea of burning korans on 9/11. It has become the biggest news item. They all cover it the same way by condemning the pastor and issuing warnings to us about the incitement it will generate in the muslim world and the violence that will follow.

It is such a mindless coverage that it became comical.

Well, there are thousands of imams who advocate death to infidel in their mosques. Just recently a prominent not an obscure, muslim cleric called for beheading of Geert Wilders. Nobody in the media who are in a frenzy over an obscure pastor's call for burning a koran seemed to care. I guess it is either OK for muslim clerics to advocate murder or burning a koran is a much bigger crime than murdering a Dutch politician. Well yes, according to the islamic law burning a koran is a bigger crime than killing an infidel. Glad to see that the propagandist media agree with the islamic law.

Let me ask you this: How do you think the propagandist media will react if a muslim cleric or a bunch of imams called for this obscure pastor's beheading in response to koran burning? They pretty much told us to expect violence and they would not only excuse but justify it. Who can blame them? Muslims have reasons to be angry with us you know...

That gets me to my second point: We are incessantly being asked to be sensitive and tolerant to muslims' feelings and their religion. We are being told that we should be careful about what we say and what we do and try not to get muslim street angry with us. Liberals keep asking the question: "Why do they hate us?" over and over again and coming up with a variety of reasons. No matter what our liberal masters do, muslims' hatred for us seems to be increasing. You know why? Forget all the reasons liberal idiots are giving you for the muslim hatred. The true muslims, some in the media call them radical muslims although our Attorney General won't use that term, hate us for being who we are no for what we do. So how do you suppose we deal with that fact you liberal idiots. Sure, let's all drop our own beliefs and convert to islam for the sake of peace. After all islam the religion of peace envisions a peace where there are no unbelievers left. Submit or get exterminated by islam for the sake of global peace. That will surely make our liberal masters happy. Just a few things to ponder though: There will not be any gays in a world ruled by peaceful islam as confirmed by the president of islamic republic of iran. There will not be room for feminism and abortion. Well, I am not sure about abortion since muslims have no problem aborting infidels years after they were born. I am sure a muslim cleric will issue a fatwa about that. before I forget, there won't be any freedom of speech, freedom of religion either when the peaceful islam rules the world. I am sure that there is a big portion of liberals who think that this is a small price to pay to achieve global peace.

The bottom-line is and has always been NEVER TRUST LIBERALS with YOUR LIFE & LIBERTY! They will sell your life and freedoms out in a New York minute.

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