Michelle Obama is Building Her Boot Camps For Radicals with Tax-Payer Money

Here is the Latest on AmeriCorps scandal via Michelle Malkin:

Your AmeriCorps grant dollars at work

Barack Hussein Obama broke the law he sponsored when he was a senator. He fired an Inspector General who was coming too close to uncovering the corruption in Obama's Brown Shirts program.

Now Senator Grassley -- co-sponsor of the law Obama broke -- wants to know more about the firing of the IG and Michelle Obama's involvement.

What is Michelle Obama's role in this?

Michelle's Boot Camps For Radicals - INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Thursday, September 04, 2008 4:20 PM PT

Above article is dated September 04, 2008 folks.

I did post about it within two days:

Obamas’ Liberal Re-Education Program for American Youth

You see the partisan media, now wholly owned by the state that is ruled by Barack Hussein Obama who is working to turn this country into a third world tyranny, covered all this information. Most Americans are fooled by a guy who won't even bother to show us his birth certificate.

Now King Obama and her Queen Michelle who sports $540 sneakers want to use tax-payer money to re-educate and radicalize our youth. You better not stand in their way. We are not far from the dark days of communist soviets when sons and daughters turned in their parents for being against the regime. Is this the Hope and Change Crap you voted for?

I just cannot close this post without mentioning the sheer stupidity of Republicans in Congress who voted for Obama's brownshirts bill.