Misunderstood islam… by who?

It's the same neighborhood where the former hot dog restaurant along busy Western Avenue has sat vacant for two years - and where the Faizan e Madina community wants to locate a mosque.

"We are planning to educate people about Islam, a misunderstood religion," said Rashid Mopiwala, Faizan e Madina.

Permit Denied For Mosque In West Rogers Park - CBS2 Chicago.com

"We are planning to educate people about Islam, a misunderstood religion,"

The question is who is misunderstanding islam?

For years, so-called moderate muslims have been trying to convince us to believe that islam is a religion of peace while evidently not-so-moderate muslims have been killing people all over the world. Since September 11, 2001, leftist liberal democRATS, elites in the media and the academia joined the propaganda effort to portray islam and muslims as peace-loving people who only care about exercising their freedom of religion here in the United States without interference from bigoted Americans. They keep repeating that we ignorant and dumb Americans are too stupid to understand how wonderful islam is.

OK... Let's just go along with our ruling class and accept that we "misunderstood" this wonderful religion... But, wouldn't you think that our elite media, academia, liberal democRAT politicians and government bureaucrats have at least a little bit of an intellectual curiosity left in them? After all they are the ones who remind us how superior to us they are intellectually. Wouldn't you think they would at least ask " Where do these dumb Americans get the idea that islam preaches violence towards unbelievers and it is bent on killing infidels?"

You see our so-called "misunderstanding" of islam stems from the words and acts of devout and passionate followers of islam.

So the question is islam is misunderstood by who? Do the devout followers of islam, people like Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda terrorists, misunderstand islam or the so-called moderate muslims who are trying to convince us islam is a religion of peace, misunderstand islam?

Which is it you "smart" people in the media who call us ignorant bigots? Can you help us out here? If we were to believe you and the so-called moderate muslims, islam is the most misunderstood religion not by us but by its most devout and passionate followers. Now, if that's the case why don't these so-called moderate muslims work on educating the real misunderstanders of their religion? Why don't they reach out to these poor muslims who become terrorists because they are not aware that islam is the religion of peace. You see, if these so-called moderate muslims can educate their radical brothers and stop them from terrorizing, killing and blowing themselves up in the name of their religion, the reasons for our own "miunderstanding" of islam will disappear.

So, the bottom-line is that if these so-called moderate muslims are not interested in educating radical muslims and they keep berating us about our misunderstanding and intolerance of their wonderful religion; we will have another, much bigger misunderstanding about them: They are the soft side of jihad. They are using freedoms, liberties, sensitivities afforded by our civilization to bring our guards down so their radical muslim brothers can inflict bigger damages to destroy our civilization. Unfortunately the intellectual elites are either complicit in this scam or they are too damn afraid to speak the truth.

We are not the ones who misunderstand islam. We understand it really well and we will not let you turn America into a 7th century islamist hell-hole.