More About Obama’s Muslim Faith

This is a MUST READ Article:

Leaving Islam by Jamie Glazov

Frontpage Interview with Mohammad Asghar, an ex-Muslim who came out of Islam after discovering its true teachings.

If you want to understand the danger Islam, so-called religion of peace, posing to our civilization read this interview in its entirety.


FP: How can the West do these things that you recommend and still remain a place that allows freedom of religion and individual liberties?

Asghar: In order to protect its citizens from Islamic terrorism and from the future risk of being overrun by Muslims, all the West needs to do is to follow its own existing rules and laws and bring about some changes to its thinking process. Let me elaborate:

-Each country of the world has its own Visa Rules and it permits only those persons to enter its territory it considers eligible. The West can easily check the inflow of Muslims by being more careful at the time of issuing visas to them.

-There are enough mosques and religious seminaries in the West to meet the needs of its Muslim population. Since it is a proven fact that many Muslim Imams and teachers have been using them to plant hatred of non-Muslims, particularly of the Jews, Christians and the Polytheists, into the minds of the Muslim children and young men and women, the West has the right not to grant permission for building more of them and also to electronically monitor the existing ones for the sake of its own people. Monitoring the Muslim Imams and teachers is not a violation of religious rights of all Muslims, rather, it is a necessary step (the doctrine of necessity applies here) that will also protect Muslims’ own young from the influence of their rogue Imams and teachers.

Moreover, Islam permits surveillance of bad elements and Allah personally spied on the enemies of Muhammad to protect him from their mischief. Allah admitted this fact by saying in the Quran:

4:108: They may hide (their crimes) from men, but they cannot hide (them) from Allah, seeing that He {i.e. Allah} is in their midst when they plot by night, in words that He cannot approve: and Allah doth compass round all they do.

This should silence those Muslims who are likely to oppose the actions of their host governments against their Imams and religious teachers, for when their Allah could spy on Muhammad’s enemies, the law enforcers of the West can also do the same in order to protect their people from the evil designs of their enemies.

Additionally, freedom of religion and individual liberties are for those who value them and respect them. You cannot protest the arrest of a known or suspected criminal religious or otherwise, citing his or her religious freedom or liberties, as letting him or her go free will be a dangerous act for the society or the nation in which he or she lives. Therefore, in the matter of religious terrorism, or religiously inspired incitement to kill the followers of certain religions, the demand for religious freedom and individual liberties should have no effect and the West should do what is necessary to protect its citizens and their properties from those who are bent upon destroying them for the advancement of their own religion. 

Folks, when muslims demand that their daughters should be allowed to wear hijab in western universities; ask them why they allow the inferior sex get higher education? According to their religion, women gotta stay home, always available to be raped by their husbands. Forget the girls, no muslim needs to go to a university. Everything that can be learned in this universe is in quran. Just keep memorizing it. That's according to islam folks. So the only reason they send their daughters to universities is to agitate us just like a community organizer does.

You know the liberal democRAT messiah, Obama, declared that muslims attacked us on September 11 because they lack empathy due to poverty and we should help them get out of poverty. Listen to this:

FP: A large part of the Muslim world is also engulfed by poverty. This also has something to do with Islamic theology, right?

Asghar: Of course. Poverty is a virtue for Muslims. Most of them believe that they get what Allah gives them. Therefore, in contrast to other people and nations that have struggled hard to ameliorate their economic conditions, and then became wealthy, most Muslims deemed it appropriate, due to their religious convictions, to keep on inflicting poverty upon themselves. Indeed, many Muslim nations bartered away their self-esteem, political independence, and sovereignty to please those benefactors whose charity they needed for their economic survival.

But without taking responsibility for their own failures and follies, they blame the affluent and wealthy non-Muslims and the non-Muslim nations for all the ills they suffer from today; these, they contend, having been inflicted upon them mostly by the unjust and treacherous Christians. The Qur'an bolsters the Muslims' hatred towards the Christians by telling them that Allah gives them wealth not for attaining prosperity on earth, but to punish them in their next life. (cf. the Qur'an; 10:69 & 70).

Inspired by this and similar teachings of the Qur'an, Muslims not only hate those non-Muslims who are rich, they also look forward, albeit, silently to the day when they will be able to obliterate Christianity, and other religions as well, from the face of the earth.

Another blow to liberal democRAT propaganda.

Folks, I will repeat again: Read this article. You will have a better understanding of what CAIR is trying to do, why our prisons infected by mullahs who try to convert criminals to islam, why liberal democRATs like OBAMA are lying through their teeth when it comes to islam. Islam is the biggest threat we face. This is an issue of life and death.

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