More About Obama’s Pastor

It looks like Jeremiah Wright was just the tip of the iceberg. Not only did Barack Obama savor Wright’s sermons, Obama gave legitimacy – and a whole lot of money – to education programs built around the same extremist anti-American ideology preached by Reverend Wright. And guess what? Bill Ayers is still palling around with the same bitterly anti-American Afrocentric ideologues that he and Obama were promoting a decade ago. All this is revealed by a bit of digging, combined with a careful study of documents from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, the education foundation Obama and Ayers jointly led in the late 1990s.

Wright 101 by Stanley KURTZ -- NRO

This is a must read article folks. The democRATs are about to give us a first anti-American, anti-white, president.

Did liberal democRATs succeed in dumbing down the majority of Americans to vote for an anti-American for president? Did they really figure out how to steal elections by using criminal organizations that take our tax dollars to fund their activities? How did we let all this happen?