More Danger Signs About democRAT Rule

Obama campaign cuts off WFTV after interview with Joe Biden

They are banning TV / radio stations. Attacking reporters who dare to ask questions they deem unfriendly. They are mad that a reporter asks them about what they actually said. While the certified democRAT partisans are all over the major media networks masquerading as journalists; Obama campaign is trying to discredit Barbara West.

Biden Bans Philadelphia Station After Tough Interview

Yep! They ban TV stations while campaigning. When they are in office they will pass the so-called "fairness doctrine" to effectively shut opposition. Folks, these people call themselves liberal, progressive and in every chance they get, they lecture us about tolerance. Sure, we have to give up our deeply held beliefs and faith and be tolerant to government sponsored killing of babies and government mandated homosexual education but they will not tolerate simple questions about their agenda.

Do not question the ONE and his sidekick! They are not even in power yet. I documented other warning signs here:

Warning Signs About Obama Tyranny

They attacked an ordinary American who asked a simple question. They made fun of him for "fantasizing" about owning a business. They got into government computers to find stuff to discredit him. Just imagine what they will be able to do to people who question them when they have the power of the executive branch?

Keep in mind folks: Obama campaign and liberal democRATs are insulted when we asked them to clarify their actual words, their friends and associations, their stated agenda. Nobody is trying to trick them with quiz questions as the partisan media has been doing to Gov. Palin. Note that republicans are questioned by partisan journalist each and every day. These partisan journalists ask questions based on democRAT talking points and liberal assumptions. Here is an example. Note again: No Republican has ever engaged in personal destruction of partisan journalists. Yes, they fight them back like Newt did but Republicans do not try to ban media, demand that the reporter should be fired. They engage in the arena of ideas. They make their point. What do liberal democRATs do? Why on earth anyone in their mind would vote for these people. I am asking you people who consider themselves moderates, independents and old-school democrats. Were liberal democRATs that effective in their effort to dumb you down through, education and media propaganda? Even if you do not know anything about history to know about what this country is about; how marxism, socialism brought death, destruction and misery every time it was tried; have you lost the basic human decency to see who these people really are?