Mr. V.P. The Buffoon

Anchor: By the way, do you know the website?

BIDEN: You know, I'm embarrassed. You know the website number? No, I should have it in front of me, and I don't.

What a joke this guy is. By the way he belongs to an administration that is loved by the geeks who are hoping they get net neutrality from these idiots.

Even TechCrunch wanted cover for this clown:

In Biden’s defense, at least he was smart enough not to take a guess at what the website might have been called, only to have an entrepreneural domain squatter grab the domain and start a porn site.

Biden Forgets’s “Website Number” by Jason Kincaid - TecCrunch is not much different than a porn site Mr. Kincaid. It is a propaganda site. Full of bullshit from Obama and his buffoons like Biden.

Biden also wanted to do some other number tricks of his own by lying about Gov. Bobby Jindal's state:

The reporter says "if you go just go to" Mr. reporter, can you please get the number to that website for Vice President Biden?

This is the CHANGE you were HOPING for right?