New page: Obamasochism

I just added a permanent page to this blog: Obamasochism

It will contain all the gaffes and offensive things this impostor does. It is not funny. It is painful to see the Americans vote for a fraud who has little or no understanding of this great nation's history, values, ideals and meaning. It is painful to see him destroy the very foundations of this country each and every.

It will only be about the Kenyan-Indonesian President not his buffoon VP or angry wife.

Speaking of his angry wife, American thinker has an excellent article about her:

Educating Michelle By Ed Kaitz

For me, that distant and quiet image was shaken last week when I heard that our new First Lady, Michelle Obama, had chosen Fort Bragg to mark the first official stop on her much heralded campaign for "military families." According to Mrs. Obama:

"I think I was like most Americans -- pretty oblivious to the life of military families. Sort of taking it for granted."

Just last year however Mrs. Obama openly called America a "downright mean country" and characterized Americans themselves as "guided by fear" and other unseemly motives. This kind of vitriol goes beyond "oblivious" however and represents the vision of a woman who has taken much more than our military families for granted. Had it not been for the early successes that followed her husband's presidential campaign, it is doubtful the 45 year old Michelle would have found much to like about America:

"For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country."

This is the same America that opened the doors to an elite education, a six figure salary, and other perks to a woman who admits her test scores weren't impressive. Still, despite the kind of red carpet treatment and largesse most of us can only dream about, Michelle found little that was praiseworthy about America. I guess Omaha Beach was off her radar too. My suspicion is that Michelle Obama's newfound interest in military families is a political maneuver to distract the public from her earlier lack of class and gratitude.