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I have been blogging here at for over five years.

Back in June 2003, I had this itch about putting up a fight against the lies, misinformation and outright propaganda spread by the communist, socialist, leftist elites in this country. It only takes good old common sense to see how brain-dead these so-called smart leftist intellectuals and their ideas are.

Blogging was the way to do it and a friend of mine helped me set this site up using NucleusCMS platform. It has been great but it is time to make a few changes now...

I will be moving the blog under blog directory. It will be powered by WordPress. My old posts will stay where they are since there is no easy way to import them to WordPress, I am told.

What prompted this change is my desire to have others get involved actively in fighting the leftists in this great country. So the BIG NEWS is... that you will be able to participate not only by commenting on posts but by posting articles. Join the fight against propaganda!

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