Obama and RATs continue to take away your rights

President Obama on Monday will sign the omnibus land conservation bill - yet again breaking his vow to allow five days for public comment before he affixes his signature to legislation.

The bill passed the House on Wednesday, but the White House didn't post the measure for comments until Friday, leaving just two weekend days and parts of Friday and Monday for the public to register comments - short of the president's five-day pledge. The bill was posted for only several hours before the White House announced that Mr. Obama would sign it, indicating the president had made up his mind well before many comments could have been submitted.

Obama to sign lands bill before 5 days of comment - The Washington Times

Why make promises or pledges if you have no intention of keeping them? Sure the ignorant doesn't notice and the apologists keep busy. What a big ass mistake the American people made electing this fraud, I just can't put it in words.

Forget giving public five days to read and comment on this bill folks, Obama and RATs wouldn't even let our representatives read this bill. They rammed it through just as they did all the previous monstrosities that are called laws of the land now.

In discussing the 1,248-page Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009, signed yesterday by President Barack Obama after being rammed through the House and Senate by use of unprecedented parliamentary maneuvers designed to cut off debate,...


And as with the AIG bailout, there will be plenty of regrets for this big rush job's lack of initial scrutiny. Like its Omnibus cousin, this bill contains plenty of earmarks that stand out for their parochialism, like $3.5 million in federal funds for the local 450th anniversary celebration of St. Augustine, Florida. But unlike the earlier Omnibus spending bill, this bill also contains provisions that will be even more destructive the economy and individual liberties than overspending.

Toxic Omnibus Anti-Energy, Anti-Civil Liberties Stew
- The American Thinker

This is what your elected representatives are doing. democRATs and Obama are committed to destroy this country. Partisan media does not even talk about this.