Obama: Different Folks, Different Strokes

I cannot seem to find the footage online yet but I heard on Rush Limbaugh about Obama's speech in Scranton.  Heck, I cannot even find any mention of this anywhere on the net. The following from RushLimbaugh.com:

OBAMA:  Global warming is a serious problem.  Uh, i-it's not just some tree hugger, you know, uhhh, sprout eatin' liberal thing.  You know, the polar ice caps are melting.  Temperatures are getting warmer in the oceans, and it could wreck (sic) havoc on our agriculture. It could increase insect-borne diseases.

OBAMA: I mean, it could really m-mess things up, making hurricanes and tornadoes much more powerful and change w-weather patterns fundamentally.  So we've got to take this seriously, and I've got the most aggressive plan to try to roll back, uhh, global warming.

Barack Hussein Obama, The Messiah of democRATs, calls environmentalists "tree hugging, sprout eatin' liberals" when he is talking to gun clinging Scrantons. As you would remember, not long ago, when he was talking to tree hugging, sprout eating' liberal elites in San Francisco, he called the ordinary Americans like the ones who live in Scranton "bitter people who cling to gun and religion".

Way to go Barack Hussein Obama! You really are a pragmatic politician. This is the change we were hoping for since 2000 when alGORE was doing exactly what you are doing: Different folks, different strokes. Do and say anything to get elected.