Obama Doublespeak

Those with nothing to hide don't mask their intentions in deceitful language, such as establishing deliberately and hopelessly vague yardsticks — e.g., using "we're going to save or create 3.5 million jobs" to measure the success of the "stimulus" bill — and calling a mostly pork bill a "stimulus bill that has absolutely no pork," a bill eliminating secret ballots in union voting "the Employee Free Choice Act," Marxist programs "measures to strengthen capitalism," taxpayer-funded health care "free medical coverage," across-the-board cuts in defense spending "shoring up our national defenses," greater-percentage tax cuts for middle- and lower-income groups "tax cuts only for the rich," government-coerced transfer payments "economic justice," the government's bailout of delinquent debtors "an act promoting financial accountability," aggressive, exclusive partisanship "a spirit of bipartisanship," a plan to triple the national budget right before "trimming it back" to levels grossly above where you started "fiscal conservatism," government suppression of political expression "the Fairness Doctrine," appointing one tax cheat after another and lobbyist after lobbyist "a new era for ethical government," already-broken promises to allow five days for public comment before signing legislation "transparency," and a government that singles out and attacks its influential critics "a government of the people."

The usurpers are winning by David Limbaugh - WND

Folks, it is scary... We are dealing with a classic example of tyranny here. What Obama says has nothing to do with what Obama does. Most of the time he does exactly opposite of what he says. His words and statements are to obfuscate what he is doing. With a slobbering, propagandist media helping him further his agenda of taking total control of our lives, it is going to be very hard to get people to wake up. Especially the people who are being drugged by government benefits...

This is America! There are millions of Americans who did not fall for this scam. There are Americans who love this country too much to let a Kenyan-Indonesian fraud and anti-American crowd in the congress destroy it.