Obama fights the imaginary enemy

There was never a single moment when White House staff decided the major media outlets were falling down on the job. There were instead several such moments.

Calling 'Em Out: The White House Takes on the Press
By Michael Scherer

Wow! I am speechless... the major media outlets have been falling down on the job? What job? The job of propagandizing for the dear leader Obama? They are doing a marvelous job of it.

This is surreal folks. It is 1984... It definitely is.

Barack Hussein Obama is attacking the major media outlets? The same media outlets that did not bother to ask questions about his inexperience. The same media that admitted not knowing anything about Barack Hussein obama but refused to do any investigative work. The same media that ignore many questions about his background, his education, his friends and connections. The same media that are tirelessly producing polls to show Barack Hussein Obama and his agenda are supported by the American people. The same media that are cheering the "good" economic news that we have less people applying for unemployment every month while more than half a million Americans are losing their jobs each and every month. The same media that are writing ridiculous stories about the benefits of economic meltdown. The same media that are trying to make everything their dear leader does look good. The same media that volunteer to be the vicious attack dogs for Barack Hussein Obama, even when the target is the general who is in charge of the war in Afghanistan. On and on and on.

Didn't the dear leader Barack Hussein Obama watch the coverage of his and his wife's olympic bid? Phony journalist women were having orgasms live talking about how he and his wife wowed the IOC. They were so confident that the messiah was going to deliver the olympics to his hometown to make his cronies rich, they were shocked and stunned to hear the actual result. The idiot CNN anchor could not believe what he was hearing. He kept saying "but, but...". Yeah, the messiah failed and he was stunned. These idiots are so invested in their idiot leader that they threw common sense and critical thinking out the window. How else can you explain their praise of Michelle Obama's lame me, me me speech?

Now the dear leader is calling them out? What the hell you want the media to do Obama? Wipe your ass? Well, they already are doing that.

Well, you know what, we are sick of your whining, narcissism and, insecurity! We have young men and women fighting a war in Afghanistan. You declared that the war in Afghanistan was important and in March you declared your "comprehensive new strategy" after "careful review" and chose a general to fight the war who gave his assessment and his request for additional troops to WIN the war more than a month ago. These men and women who are risking their lives each and everyday are not whining while you are ignoring their request for help. You are ordering your attack dogs to attack the general while whining about the media coverage you are getting. You are a LOSER. We do not want a LOSER as our President. I just can't believe how American people voted for you. I just can't get myself to believe a majority of American people turned into losers like the ones in Detroit who lined up to get "free"money from you.

It is easy to attack your imaginary enemies Mr. Obama. What the hell are you going to do about the real enemies? We are still waiting...


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