Obama is way over is head

Team Obama has been living off its campaign reputation for planning and execution. That reputation is now frayed, and all the bumbling and unforced errors will have an impact. Such things don't go unnoticed on Capitol Hill or in foreign capitals.

Is the Administration Winging It? - Karl Rove, WSJ.com

No Karl, Obama is not winging it. He is unqualified to be the President of da United States but he is da POTUS, thanks to his and his handlers' masterful manipulation of politics of race in America. Yes Mr. A.G. Holder, please do not accuse me of being a coward. I am not avoiding the candid discussion of racial issues. American people are fooled into voting for the affirmative action candidate with zero, zilch, nada experience of managing anything. They voted for a Kenyan who has no common ground with Black-Americans but who figured out how to use his blackness to get ahead in American politics. Now we have an unqualified guy who is making decisions that will affect millions of us. He is making decisions that will impoverish us for decades to come. He is making decisions that is putting us in harms' way. I for one am not enjoying the ride folks. We are screwed big time.