Obama Propaganda Machine

Here is a perfect example of Phony Baloney Media's propaganda:

In one Oval Office ceremony, Obama went through each executive order as he signed them, reading parts of each and methodically explaining them. He even halted a few times to ask for clarification from his White House counsel. That sort of deferral to someone else in a public setting and admission of a less-than-perfect command of the facts was never Bush's style.

Obama breaks from Bush, avoids divisive stands
- Yahoo News!

This the last paragraph of a "news" story By LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press Writer. The whole piece is a joke but this last paragraph puts the icing. So our new president does not have command of the facts and it is a POSITIVE thing. According to this writer Bush did not have the command of the facts either but never exhibited the greatness Obama did by defferring to someone else in a public setting. This is bloody murder folks. If the president Bush has ever acted the way Obama acted in that news conference, he would have been made fun of by the so-called journalists like Liz Sidoti. This is beyond disgusting. These people are not journalists but the emperor's propagandists.

The bottom-line is Obama does not even know what is in his own executive order. He has no command of the facts. He is a FOOL and these "journalists" are covering for him. We have an unqualified Affirmative Action President who is going to be a "MISERABLE FAILURE" and who already is showing signs that he is not upto the job and you have the phony media covering for him. Let's not forget how they treated Bush even when this country was under attack by jihadist murderers.