Obama Throws Rose At Ground Zero

Watch how Obama throws the rose at Ground Zero. Even McCain startled to see him do that.

Where was Michelle Obama by the way?

Obamas have no respect folks. Actually what he did is an insult to all those Americans who lost their lives and to all of us who mourn. Unbelieavable!

  1. You gotta be kidding me? This is petty nonsense, a junior high response to what should never have ever been a thought, let alone a discussion. There is a war going on in the middle east, a crisis b/w Russia & Georgia, numerous earthquakes, hurricanes, devastation, hunger, darfur, not to mention domestic economic crisis issues, etc… and people are actually discussing how a man chooses to drop a rose at a memorial site. UNBELIEVABLE. what is this dr. phil, body language reading 101? get outta here w/ all of this petty, ridiculous & embarrassing focus on zero substance non issues. another example of people getting caught up & lost. all of this “petty” juvenile finger pointing is not doing much except damaging the GOP. GOP & supporters are behaving like 5th grade finger pointing, tattle telling, juvenile manipulating children. it’s embarrassing.

  2. Beware when liberals cry that we should stick with the issues and problems we face and ignore everything else. They did this when clinton abused his power and took advantage of a young intern in the white house. Why didn’t clinton deal with the issues instead of chasing skirt? He might have killed or captured Osama way before 2001 if he had done so. Now I will be accused of bringing clinton into this so let’s deal with the argument here:

    1. It is not the issues but what the candidates’ proposals to solve these issues are. We already know that the GOP prefers market based solutions respectful of individual rights and freedoms. We also know that the democrats prefer government based solutions that take away individual rights and freedoms. Since no one in their own mind will vote for tyranny, democrats pretend to have moved to center in every election cycle. in the last congressional elections they ran on conservative issues only to change after elections. Obama makes different promises to sprout eatin’ liberals and gun clingin’ Americans. I wonder which promise he will keep when he gets elected?

    2. The presidency is not a job that involves a well-defined tasks and description. The president may face issues we may have never dreamed of. It is not only what they promise to do about current issues but how they may behave when they face with an unexpected event and uncertain future. That’s why the character matters. That’s why the past experience and the wisdom gained from it matters. That’s why who they associated in past matters because they will need to bring in and work with people to solve those issues. If they have showed bad judgment picking friends and associates in the past they surely will do the same thing in the future. That’s why the little things like how a person behaves at a memorial service matter because it reveals their character, their wisdom and judgment. It tells us who this person really is. It is invaluable information especially when we just can not trust what that person is saying.

    This is exactly why liberal democRATs do not want us to talk about the character, wisdom, honor, judgment of their candidates folks. They have none. All they have is empty promises that will be broken as soon as the election over.