ObamaCare and Car Insurance

Government mandates only a portion of auto insurance. The only auto insurance that is mandated is liability. You do not have to cover yourself or your stuff. You simply have to cover everyone else against damages you and your vehicle might do to them or their stuff.

Now in this debt ridden society, this might come as a shock to many. It has been drummed into us that we have to carry "comprehensive and collision" insurance on our car when we buy, and many assume it is demanded by government.

Not so -- but the discussion opens up some valid comparisons to health care.

Comp/collision is mandated by the owner of your vehicle, likely a bank or leasing company. When you drive your 65 thousand dollar BMW off the lot after putting down your "first and last payment" of about 2 grand, someone else is on the hook for the other 63 K.

And that someone - bank or leasing company -- is who demands that you protect their collateral. This is not a government mandate. It is part of your lease or loan agreement with the bank which is simply a contract made in what we used to call the "free enterprise system."

Obama's Elusive Auto Insurance Analogy By C. Edmund Wright - American Thinker

This is a great article that demonstrates how liberal democRATs like Obama have no sense of real world and how the phonies in the mainstream media suck up to the dear idiot by throwing simple rational thinking out the window.

There is one point that is missing though.

There is a reason Obama is using the car insurance analogy...

You see folks, car insurance is mandated by the owner / lien holder of the car.

Why does Obama's government want to mandate health insurance?

Because he thinks the government owns us.

ObamaCare is mainly focused on preventive health. Don't expect any research and development into life saving cures and discoveries under ObamaCare. The liberal democRATs who think they own us already demanding that we should eat and drink what they deem good for us. They want to dictate us how we live our lives. You see folks, under ObamaCare, we will no longer be individuals. We'll be little cogs exist to further the Obama agenda. If we don't behave like good citizens as Obama government prescribes or if we lose our value/usefulness to the greater good of serving the Obama government, we will be fined, punished or simply left to die.

Obamacare is not about health care. It is about controlling your life. That is why Obama and liberal democRATs would do anything and everything to make it the law of the land.