ObamaCare NewsSpeak Continues

Heated partisan debate over President Obama's health care plan, erupting at town hall meetings and in the blogosphere, has more to do with our illogical thought processes than reality, sociologists are finding.

Health Care Debate Based on Total Lack of Logic

We all know liberal elites think we regular folks are stupid, ignorant dummies they need to control.

Yesterday they claimed we still believed health care "myths" that are declared "myths" by the White House. Yeah, we regular folks are stupid and dumb enough not follow the dear leader's claims blindly.

Today, they claim we are illogical and irrational. Sure, we regular folk are so idiotic that when we read stories about government-run health care like this one from Great Britain, we don't go out and demand that we have the same kind of health care system.

We regular folks are so illogical that when we observe how government ran "cash for clunkers" which is a handout program, we are not excited about government running our health care system.

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