ObamaCare Newsspeak

This is what happens when tyranny starts taking root by taking control of the media:

More than 50 percent of Americans believe a public insurance option will increase health care costs, according to a new survey on assertions the White House has called myths.

Majority of Americans Believe Health Care Reform 'Myths'

This is repulsive enough to turn my stomach.

According to this so-called "news article", if the White House (Dear Leader Hussein) calls somrthing a "myth" then it is a myth without question and the Americans who believe it are to be made fun of.

Unbelievable but this is happening in the United States of America in 2009!

So what are these supposed myths?

"67 percent of respondents believe that wait times for health care services, such as surgery, will increase"

Only 67 percent of these respondents have common sense to see the obvious? Simple logic, and looking at the experience of other countries with government-run health care demands that 100 percent of people should believe this "myth".

"About five out of 10 believe the federal government will become directly involved in making personal health care decisions"

Hello! Some people associated with Obama and liberal democRATs wrote a 1000 plus page bill that will be expanded into thousands more pages of rules and regulations once it becomes law. That's not being directly involved?

"Roughly six out of 10 Americans believe taxpayers will be required to pay for abortions'

It is in the bill!

Who the hell is writing this article anyways? Instead of taking the White House's claims at their face value, can s/he just check them first by reading the bill?

There is more of these TRUTHS about ObamaCare what Obama calls MYTHS and the phony media repeats.

I am not going to continue quoting from this JUNK! It is JUNK!

Welcome to Obamaland folks!


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