Obama’s America: No Longer A Shining City…

Obama's America is no longer a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.

The President's Message to the Iranian People

This is not a message to the Iranian People!

This is a message to the mullahs who are oppressing the Iranian People. This is a message of cowardice. The President of The United States wants to make nice with Islamist tyrants who have ambitions of world domination, who are dreaming of wiping Israel off the map,who have been brutally persecuting their own citizens, who have been violating human rights of Iranian people.

This is what U.S. State Department Reports:

The Government's human rights record remained poor; although efforts within society to make the Government accountable for its human rights policies continued, serious problems remain. The Government significantly restricts citizens' right to change their government. Systematic abuses include summary executions, disappearances, widespread use of torture and other degrading treatment, reportedly including rape, severe punishments such as stoning and flogging, harsh prison conditions, arbitrary arrest and detention, and prolonged and incommunicado detention.

The Teleprompter of The United States wants to reach out to a murderous regime. He wants to communicate with them so they don't "misunderstand" us. You see this disgrace of a man is perfectly OK with all the terrible things Iranian mullahs doing to their citizens as long as they don't threaten us. Poor Iranian people. It is a sad day for them. It is a sad day for fredom-loving people everywhere!

This is not how you deal with homicidal and suicidal tyrants. Can you imagine our President sending a message to Hitler "seeking engagement that is honest and grounded in mutual respect" while Hitler was destroying Europe and murdering millions of people in concentration camps? Can you imagine our President telling Soviets that they should not "misunderstand" us and to prove we will unilaterally disarm ourselves during the height of cold war?

It also is a sad day to be an American...

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