Obama’s Cowardly Act of Appeasement

Kenyan-Indonesian-muslim president of the United States gave his much anticipated speech to the muslim world. What a sad day it is not only for the United States that is no longer the beacon of freedom for all the oppressed people around the world but also for these oppressed people especially the millions who are suffering under the rule of islam a backward political, economical and religious system based on hate and violence.

Text of Obama's speech in Cairo

I will not get into the details of this moronic speech. You can find an excellent analysis at Jihad Watch: Platitudes and naivete: Obama's Cairo speech

Here are simple, common sense observations about Supreme Idiot's arrogant attempt at appeasing muslims:

1) Almost everything he says about islam is untrue. He made up facts and re-wrote history to make islam look good. It is painfully evident for anyone who barely paid attention to what is going on around the world within the last ten years that islam is not a religion of peace. It is a political, legal, economical system based on religious rules established in 6th century. It is backward. It is the anti-thesis of western ideals of freedom, liberty, democracy and whole lot of things we value and cherish. Islam is anti science. Don't believe the BS about muslims inventing stuff. Did you know that islamic scholars believe that everything there is to be known is in the Quran and it is a waste to try to learn things by studying science? This moron of a president always talks about American values. Can he just show us one value islam espouses that is compatible with American values? Why is he taking the role of the biggest propagandist for islam?

2) What about the idea that all muslims are the same? Why is this moron stereotyping the muslims by a moronic speech that is addressing the muslim world? Guess who else is talking about muslim world? They are the people who are dreaming of a muslim dominated world: Pan-islamists. We call them crazies for thinking they can bring Arabs, Egyptians, Indonesian, Turks and many more cultures, nations and ethnic groups together under the flag of islam. Well, I am sure they feel much better about their ideas now because the POTUS just addressed muslims of the world and put them all under one islamic flag. Wouldn't you find it obscenely offensive if the head of any country makes a speech claiming to address all the Christians of the world?

3) This speech, in its totality, is a cowardly act of appeasement. It will not do anything to keep us safe, to bring peace or anything this moron claims. It is just another giant ego trip by a moron called Barack Hussein Obama who now sees no reason to hide his muslim roots.