Obama’s Power Grab

House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) and several of his Republican colleagues spoke at a news conference to discuss the White House's intent to oversee the 2010 census.

House Republicans News Conference on 2010 Census

Obama's leftist administration wants to make its own numbers so the leftist liberal democRATs can draw congressional lines the way they want and funnel federal funding to their supporters and dependent voters while punishing the dissenters.

This is unprecedendent. This is unconstitutional which probably means nothing to Obama administration since they wish to abolish constitution anyways.

Folks, while fear-monger-in-chief distracting you with economic catastrophe and transforming our economic system with a socialist system he also is busy trying to transform our political system into a tyranny. Liberal democRATs are attacking the very foundations of this country folks. Was this the "Change" you voted for?

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