Obey The Global Warming Agenda or else…

Just in case it is pulled from Youtube, click here to watch on eyeblast.tv.

This ad for global warming cult's celebration of 10:10 is truly disgusting.

Don't believe the apologists' claim that it is satire. This ad truly shows what radical leftists, communists pushing this global warming hoax wish they would like to do to the so-called 'deniers" or what islam would call "unbelievers" or "infidels". This also explains why the communists are so cozy with islamists. They both want to destroy western civilization and they would love to kill the people in the most violent way who do not submit. This is not something to be taken lightly folks. After all, communists killed over 100,000,000 -- One Hundred Million -- people over the course of the history and the only reason they did it because these millions of people did not obey communism.

I have been posting about global warming the biggest scam for years. Here is the global warming hoax category on this blog and on the original blog.

Folks, these people are dangerous. Time and again they showed their intense dislike for fellow human beings in the name of saving earth. They are no longer contend with killing babies in the womb, they wish they had the power to blow people into pieces for not following the global warming agenda. Obey the global warming agenda, give up your freedoms and liberties or else the global warming cult will blow you up.

This is the future envisioned by these disgusting people. One day in the future you will receive a call from your kid's teacher informing you that your daughter won't be coming home because she refused to participate in the state sanctioned save-the-earth celebrations. She was blown to pieces in front of her classmates. As the guardians of this kid you will be subject to further evaluations by the Earth Protection Agency and if you are lucky, you may be sent back to the reeducation camp.

Do you have any 10:10 celebrations planned in your town? Check these people out folks. These are the people who do not have real jobs but live on the donations of gullible folks who believe their bullshit. These are the people who want to impose their views on all of us. these are the people who want to take our freedoms away put us under an oppressive government they control. These are the people who secretly wish to kill people who do not join their cult. Go check these people out on the 10th of October and then go VOTE in November. We know our liberties and freedoms depend on our voting but this time and every time, our lives depend on it. We have to be vigilant and keep these wannabe murderers out of power.