Pathetic Liberal Elite Maureen Dowd

My Fair Veep- Maureen Dowd - NYT

I hope John McCain doesn’t throw his slippers at Sarah Palin’s head or get as acerbic as Henry Higgins did with Eliza Doolittle when she did not learn quickly enough. McCain’s Pygmalion has to be careful, because his Galatea might be armed with more than a sharp tongue.

Wow! Being a gun and religion clinging ordinary American, this is way over my head...

Sarah, who is now so renowned that she is known merely by one name and has a name ID of 90 percent, has to be a Kmart mom who appeals to Kmart moms and dads.

What is it with you arrogant, condescending liberal elites? I thought you detested Wal-mart moms and dads. What is the difference between Wal-mart folks and Kmart folks? Why is Sarah Palin a Kmart mom not a Wal-mart mom?  What should she do to impress you Ms. Dowd? Would you like her better if she was to become a Nordstrom gal or arigula eating Whole Foods woman?

Kmart and Wal-mart work hard to provide us with affordable goods. We Kmart moms and dads work hard, raise our children and do all the things ordinary Americans do to make a living. We don't have jobs like yours Ms. Dowd. We don't get to be paid high dollars to dream up and write smart-ass stuff about other Americans, Ms. Dowd.

I watched Sarah Palin's past debate videos. This liberal idiot Dowd, like all other liberal maggots, is dreaming about Sarah Palin crumbling under their phony investigative journalism. Sarah is actually playing rope-a-dope. Wait and see folks. They are underestimating a "Kmart mom", whatever that means.

Ms. Maureen Dowd wants to know all the dirt, rumor anyone can find about the Republican Veep Nominee. How come she has no curiosity when it comes to liberal democRATs' presidential nominee? Forget his anti-american friends and church, forget Tony Rezko, forget Blackwell Consulting, forget University of Chicago Hospitals and his wife's cushy, high-paid job there, forget that he was dead wrong on surge in Iraq just watching Obama on TV for the last week or so Ms. Dowd; don't you wonder that the guy has completely lost his mojo? He is not half the man Sarah Palin is. Maureen Dowd, you are not half the woman Sarah Palin is either.

I hope the American women is paying attention and finally seeing what a sham these feminists are. Unless you women are not enthusiastic about aborting your babies, unless you do not subscribe to leftist agenda, you will always be detested.  Regardless of the successes you achieve, unless you become a follower of all liberal stupid ideas, you will still be called Kmart moms and looked down upon.

What is darling Michelle Obama's achievement? Ivy league schools. How did she get in those schools? Cushy jobs with mumbo-jumbo titles. How did she get these jobs? Don't you think her husband Obama's job as a smart politician helped her land those jobs and salary increases? Aren't you a little curious Maureen Dowd? Is this what modern feminists like yourself celebrate now? How pathetic a maggot you are!

  1. If you don’t think Maureen is critical of Democratic candidates, you don’t read enough Dowd. Liberals hate her more than conservatives because she is supposed to be one of “them.”

  2. Dowd is a leftist tool. I posted a response to this drivel piece at my place
    She is recycling the same old Sarah rumors in an attempt to whip up the fringe wing-nuts, who are already in a high-speed wobble