Phony Journalism by Sacramento Bee

I wonder how much money Saudis and their front groups are giving Sacramento Bee for this kind of propaganda job:

Islamic laws of finance a cushion in hard times

Most likely above link will expire just like the story they did about how good the islamic school in sacramento is.

This is not journalism folks. There is no critical thinking involved. There are no common sense questions asked. Here are a few quotes from this propaganda job:

The bottom line for many Muslims is, "if I don't have the money to buy something, that means I can't afford it," said Deya Dean Elghassein, who's Palestinian American.

His family helped him buy his home in Folsom with cash. "I do use credit cards, but they have to be paid off in full at the end of the month," he said. He wouldn't invest in Costco because it sells pork and alcohol, but he and others shop there "out of necessity."

Simple questions: How many people can buy cars, homes and big ticket items with cash? If there was no credit available, what would happen to our standard of living? Can the so-called journalist investigate how this Palestinian American's family was able to pay cash for her home, probably in the hundreds of thousands of dollars? Where did the money come from? If Shariah finance laws are so great how come most islamic countries are dirt poor? The ones that do not have oil can't even live in houses with indoor plumbing. How come these muslims are in America? Why did they come here? Why live in a place you hate its people, values, ways, and system? Obviously they have no intention of becoming part of America. Why don't they go back to the hell-holes they came from and live under shariah?

Why doesn't this so-called journalist investigate a little further to see what shariah borrowing actually is? Why is s/he contend with whatever these local muslims claim? Folks you do your own research and you will find that what these people are talking about is a sham.

"Muslims in general have been much less affected by the recession because they're very cautious and conservative in matters of finance and take a longer-term view of life," Haq said. "They want to invest their funds in a way that pleases God so they can sleep peacefully — they care about the afterlife."

Why don't they say allah instead of God? Is sending money to muslim terrorists one of the ways of investing that pleases allah?

As I mentioned above, Sacramento Bee had another story about a local islamic school where they showered the school with praise. These are the same journalists who hate religion in education folks. What is going on here? They propagandizing for shariah.

Why doesn't Sacramento Bee do a story about the other aspects of shariah law like horrendous and cruel female circumcision that women are forced so suffer in many muslim countries. Why don't they tell their readers that while these muslims live and worship freely in Sacramento, non-muslims are treated as second-class citizens and persecuted in most muslim countries? Why don't they tell their readers how religious police in islamic countries forces muslims to worship and what the punishments are when you are deemed to be not a good muslim? Why don't they tell their readers why are there many muslim women and girls -- just like the ones they showed in their islamic school story -- being murdered by their own family members? What is it that drives a muslim father or brother to kill their own daughters or sisters by beating, by decapitating or by setting them on fire? Why don't the multicultural idiot journalists and editors in this sorry newspaper celebrate this aspects of glorious muslim culture?