Phony Journalist Fails

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Barack Hussein Obama made a fool of himself. He failed to bring Olympics to his hometown to help his cronies get rich.

Listen to the arrogant phony journalist right before the IOC vote.

Sure, Rock Star Obamas were absolutely magnificient... Thanks to Obamas, Chicago will win!

This is just one example folks.

How could these people be so wrong?

Well, just wait till the elections... Heh heh heh...

  1. I guess the Olympic Committee agreed with the Obamas; America is unexceptional, filled with racist capitalists, our “soul is broken” and decided to “spread the wealth” by taking from us and giving it to someone else. Maybe for the first time in the Obamas’ lives they got a little taste of what it feels like to work your ass off for something and have it given to someone else instead of being on the receiving end all the time. I only wish they had invested their own money and time and not been on the public dole so they could get the full effect of what many of us “non-victim” status people feel like every day.