Phony Journalists are Returning to Their Partisan Roots

In three months since Election Day, at least a half-dozen prominent journalists have taken jobs working for the federal government.

Dem exclusive? Reporters jump ship

Partisan propagandists accomplished their mission of getting a hard core leftist elected by posing as journalists during the campaign now joining the socialist administration. That's the bottomline!

There is nothing new here either. Look at Stephanopoulos, look at Matthews. One time liberal democRAT administration operatives now posing as journalists and/or nonpartisan moderators. Phony journalists..., folks that's what they are. They are propagandists.

Listen to this BS:

Carney told the Times that he had “an affinity” with Biden and Obama, but that it didn’t influence his coverage at the newsweekly. Time staffers have told Politico that they could never tell Carney’s politics during the 2008 race.

“I didn’t even know Jay was a Democrat,” Time’s Joe Klein said.

Yes Joe Klein, you are absolutely right. He was not a democRAT. He was a socialist. By the way, this is the same Joe Klein who I called "ultimate liberal maggot" who stated "Slowly, slowly, I am recovering from the extremely effective bilge festival staged by the Republicans last night." during the 2008 Republican Convention folks. He himself probably will claim to be an impartial, independent journalist. Horseshit! That's exactly what this is.