Planet Earth Exposes the Global Warming Scam

Winter storm warnings were issued from New Jersey to Nevada early Tuesday as frigid temperatures, sleet and snow spread to virtually all corners of the nation.

The arctic air that blustered across the Midwest and West on Monday – dropping temperatures in some places 30 degrees in about an hour – was now targeting the East and South.


Monday's 19-degree low temperature at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was the coldest for the date in 60 years, the National Weather Service said. Monday was the coldest Dec. 15 ever in Oklahoma City, with the previous coldest high for the date, 19 degrees, having been recorded in 1901.

No respite as wintery storms spread over nation - Yahoo News

Watch the global warming swindlers like Al GOREkenstein start talking more about "climate change" not global warming. You see the liberal RATs can never be wrong. If it is HOT then it is global warming and we human beings... well only the ones who live in the U.S., capitalist rich pigs and their wanna be middle class caused this and they need to be stripped off the wealth and standard of living and forced to live in caves. If it is COLD then it is climate change and the same American capitalist pigs caused it and they need the surrender their wealth to their government who will then redistribute to Al GOREkenstein and his GREEN cronies under the guise of GREEN initiatives. Yep, the people who are GREEN with envy want to tax Americans no matter what.

I guess that's the new soap opera of American politics: AS THE CLIMATE CHANGES... Green Al GOREKENSTEIN and liberal RATs green with envy work tirelessly to enrich themselves by making Americans poorer. Great swindle of the 21st century. Save the earth, turn the United States into a third-world country.

Guess what though? When we become poorer as this last financial crisis goes on, one of the first things we start dropping is the folly of saving the environment. You see, when you are rich and comfortable you can afford to be green and environmentally conscious. But when you are getting poorer and you get into survival mode, saving the environment does not make sense. What good is the environment if we are not around to enjoy it? That is why the environment in poor nations is the most polluted environment. That is the dilemma these enviro-wackos face folks. Some of them would actually like to see the major portion of humans wiped out and let the pristine earth stand in its natural beauty. Seriously folks that's how crazy these people are. Others like GOREkenstein just want to enrich themselves by using government force so they could not care about the humans or environment as long as they make money. So while the latter continue to make us poorer the environment will get worse and the real crazies will scheme to kill us all.

I will say it one more time: