Post-election Analysis: We Got Scammed!

Yes folks, we conservative Americans got scammed.

This was not a post-racial election. They kept saying race should not be the issue to trick whites to vote for an unqualified black guy while blacks voted for the black guy just because he is black. You think they will stop calling decent, ordinary Americans racists? You wish! Do you think this will end affirmative action and racial quotes? You wish! We got scammed by liberal democRATs who put radical leftist black guy up as the presidential nominee to take advantage of his race. Think for a minute: If the Republican candidate was black, would we be hearing post-racial cheers and crocodile tears? This same black liberal president-elect called the black conservative supreme court justice dumb while praising the white conservative justices. This was nothing to do with electing a black man president. It was everything to do with electing a radical liberal man president. Heck this black guy believes in black separatism and a black value system. Liberal democRATs just used his race to trick Americans to vote for a so-called historic candidate.

This was not a post-partisan election. Obama is and will be one of the most partisan liberal democRATs. Liberal democRATs' idea of bi-partisanship is Republicans' submission to the liberal agenda. Look at so-called maverick Jon McCain. He was a celebrated maverick as long as he went along with liberal agenda. Have you ever wondered why there are no democRAT mavericks?

Jon McCain is a useful idiot for liberal democRATS. Republicans screwed themselves big time by nominating this guy. I hear he will go back to being a useful idiot in the senate after he helped liberal democRATs gain control of the executive and legislative branches.

We conservatives will keep losing the elections unless we truly understand how liberal democRATs operate: democRATs do not play by the rules while demanding we should be bound by the rules they disregard. Honesty, decency, honor and moral values we have are being used against us. The dishonorable, dishonest, corrupt liberal democRATs know full well that they will beat us every time by cheating, lying and deceiving. Yes folks, liberal democRATs do use our values and institutions against us only to take control of and destroy them.

Liberal democRATs do not believe in the democratic process. That's why whenever they lose in the ballot box, they chalk it up to people's ignorance and they go straight to their friendly judges to overturn people's will. They have no respect for people's will. That's why they try so hard to take control of judicial branch.

So-called mainstream media is a propaganda tool of liberal democRATs. Hollywood and TV entertainment are also being used as propaganda for liberal democRATs. We gotta figure out how to go around this.

Our children are being indoctrinated in our schools using our own tax dollars. They start in kindergarten folks. They don't teach our kids about how great a nation we are. They don't talk about our history, our founders at all. Who and what do they celebrate mostly? Radical activists. Our failings as nation as amplified as possible. They don't talk about us as a nation but as communities. If we can't figure out how to fix these schools or get our kids out of these indoctrination centers, we will be screwed forever because we will have a generation of anti-American Americans. Some already voted in this election for Barack Hussein Obama.

Americans got scammed in this election and are due for a rude awakening as Obama administration with liberal democRATs in congress starts implementing the liberal agenda. Get ready to become a third-world country with a weak military and strong national police force. Get ready to live within the designated poverty and misery level while the rulers plunder the enormous wealth of this nation. Get ready to see what an unchecked radical liberal agenda will do to this nation...