President Empty Suit’s Empty Speeches are not Working

Wesley Pruden has a great analysis piece on Washington Times: PRUDEN: Reality bites Obama's 'West Wing'

He compares Obama to a matinee idol who "look pretty and inveigle softly with practiced seductiveness". That's exactly who Americans elected as their president: An empty suit with a huge ego who inveigled his way to the oval office. Obama is an empty suit with no real life experience who thinks he can solve world's problems by giving speeches. He thinks he can convince suicidal terrorists who are committed to killing as many westerners as they can to give up their ways if only he can look them in the eye and talk with them. He is an absolute retard! He is only interested in himself and his own power. He profusely apologizes for the nation he supposedly leads and represents while claiming to transform it.

This empty suit, who declared the war in Iraq as a lost cause while demanding that we should focus all our energy and effort on Afghanistan, has not had a conversation with the General in charge for over two month. He wanted to suppress the additional troop requests necessary to win the war. Heck!, he won't even use the terms "winning" or "victory" when it comes to fighting the terrorists who want to use weapons of mass destruction to kill as many as Americans. Instead of helping us win the war he chose to lobby International Olympic Committee to bring Olympics to his city where his cronies can get rich. I am sure he will celebrate his "winning" and "victory" if he succeeds in getting Chicago picked as the next Olympic City.

We have a weak and naive president who is comfortable being a celebrity making speeches and headlining TV shows. When it comes to real world, Obama votes "present".

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  1. Wow, this from the mouth of a white, senile, bigoted, washed up singer (Andy Williams). Due to their lack of leadership, ideas and vision of where our country needs to go the Republican Party is show casing the only thing they have to offer, the scraping of the bottom of their intellectual barrel.