Puppet Masters

Valerie Jarrett, RahmBO, and RAT Axelrod... These are the people pulling the strings? I don't know. It is just one of these theories.

During the fall campaign, Mr. Obama’s aides – usually David Axelrod, the media strategist, and David Plouffe, the campaign manager – spent considerable time on the phone with Mr. Biden and his staff over remarks that they had deemed unhelpful. Mr. Biden listened and saluted smartly.

“He was a good soldier,” said Senator Ted Kaufman, Democrat of Delaware, who had been Mr. Biden’s Senate chief of staff before being appointed to his old boss’s seat. “But I sat with him. That was hard, that was hard. He has all these ideas.”

Mr. Biden’s public statements and appearances have been closely monitored inside the administration, and at times fretted over. “Like every single human being, his strength is his weakness, his weakness is his strength,” said Mr. Axelrod, now Mr. Obama’s senior adviser at the White House. “I think the strength outweighs the weakness to a large degree. And it’s all related to someone who speaks his mind and is forthright.”

Mr. Biden has taken steps to rein himself in – or others have insisted on it. He has begun to use a teleprompter more. He often uses note cards to stay focused while presiding over meetings. He has given few interviews since Election Day, and those have focused mainly on discrete policy topics.

Speaking Freely, Biden Finds Influential Role - NYT

"He has begun to use a teleprompter more."

Read that again folks: "He has begun to use a teleprompter more." Then read the headline of NYT: "Speaking Freely, Biden Finds Influential Role".

Isn't this surreal? Another sign that we are living under a tyranny with the media acting as "ministry of truth". It is very clear that the puppet masters do not like Biden "speaking freely" and the buffoon VP has no "influential role" in this administration.

Second, there is a clue into this administration in this story: "Teleprompter". You see they are forcing Biden to use teleprompter which means they want him to repeat what they put on the teleprompter. I guarantee you Biden has no input on what will appear on teleprompter. He is just expected to be a "good soldier" and repeat what the puppet masters put on the teleprompter. If this was happening to any cabinet member, forget the VP, in Bush administration these phony journalists would be outraged. But there is one more person in this administration who is not allowed go anywhere without the teleprompter: Barack Hussein Obama, our first black president. Is he a puppet master who just needs the help of the teleprompter to remember what to say or is he a puppet who is reading the stuff off the teleprompter as directed by the puppet masters?

I don't know and I don't care. All I know is that these people are destroying this country and we need people with balls to stand up to these people. We need politicians, CEOs and public figures who can speak the truth and expose these frauds. We don't need wimps like Wagoner and other bank CEOs who are kissing the hand that will cut their heads off when given a chance. Man up people!

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