Rorschach test for idiot Liberals

Tuesday's slash-and-burn special election was a spin doctor's delight.

Analysis: Convoluted ballot produces 'a $25 million Rorschach test' By Kevin Yamamura,

How funny is that this piece's headline starts with the word: "Analysis". How funny is that this piece is about a state that employs thousands of so-called "Analysts" that is going bankrupt.

You really do not need to be a highly paid State of California Analyst to understand the result of this election: Voters who chose to vote said NO MORE TAXES, NO MORE BORROWING, NO MORE HANDOUTS TO UNIONS and NO MORE PAY RAISES for you politicians. They said all those things by a 3 to 1 margin. It is simple as that. The unions, liberal democRAT politicians and all the "analysts" can delude themselves by drawing conclusions that fit to their agenda.

Californians delivered a message of general contempt, but didn't provide clear guidance to the Legislature on how to solve what is now a $21.3 billion problem.

It can't get any clearer than this. Let me try it again: NO MORE TAXES and NO MORE BORROWING. Stop the wasteful spending and cut so-called government services to fix the budget you idiots in Sacramento. Fire most of your bureaucracy that does nothing but keep passing rules, regulations, fees and taxes on productive Californians.

"In my judgment, voters did not give close scrutiny to each of the various measures," said Mark DiCamillo, director of the Field Poll. "Because voters didn't go through them one by one – they didn't say they like this element, they don't like that element – I don't think you can easily support any of those individual claims because it was a broad-brush rejection."

You are an arrogant IDIOT and your judgment does not count. Sure, when people do not vote the way you want them, you call them stupid ignorants who won't even take the time to read what they are voting on. Why the hell the supremely intelligent liberal democRAT politicians punted this to the voters instead of dealing with it in the first place anyways? This is the kind of thinking these elite political classes have about the voters folks. Let me say it again you arrogant elite analyst: Voters said SCREW YOU!

That's my "analysis" of California's this special election for you.