Sad State of Liberals in America

I feel sorry for these losers... No, no, no... I don't feel sorry for these ignorant delusional idiots. Look at what they are doing to this country. These are the losers. These are the looters. These people are miserable.

Listen to the idiotic things they say:

"I am working to provide income security for all." Think before you speak you idiot! How do you suppose you provide income security for all? What the hell does that mean? Did you hear one of these idiots say "Awesome"? Yeah, dude it is awesome that you are working to provide income security for all. Can you secure my income at the same level of your senate democRAT staffers? Awesome! Thanks dude!

Look at them... Don't they all look miserable? Why? I mean these RATs needed therapy after 2000 election. They were all depressed during the eight long years of Bush presidency. Now they have the presidency, they have the house, they have the senate and they just passed their so called health care reform bill they were supposedly fighting for over 100 years. Their Kenyan-Muslim-Communist president is working hard to destroy this country and these people are still depressed. It is hard to live hating your fellow human beings... You end up hating yourselves, you RATs.

"I am here for empathy, collective conscience and progress." Woohoo! What a party animal! Your collective brains are smaller than a bird's you idiot. You can't come up with something original either. Coffee parties against Tea parties... Well, I guess coffee may help you people stay awake during the party.

What is with the RATs' obsession with the word "narrative" anyways? Why can't they just say 'propaganda, deceit and lies"?

Listen to this RAT: "Democracy is about community of people advancing common good." Mindless chatter. What is a community anyways and who decides what the "common good" is? did you notice the use of books as props? Yeah, these are the smart, intelligent, intellectual liberals. I guarantee most of these books are full of this type of propaganda and these poor RATs have no critical thinking ability to question what they read if they actually read these books. "Restore democracy in America". Unbelievable isn't it? They voted for a guy who is turning this country into a third-world tyranny and this idiot is talking about restoring democracy. There is your smart liberal woman.

What really sad is that these are the people running ruining this country Today.