Same old liberal democRAT attack: Palin is Stupid!

But it's not clear exactly how Obama and his running mate Joe Biden should respond. They keenly remember how women rallied around one-time Democratic front runner Clinton when they perceived she was a victim of sexism. They don't want to appear with a weak response, either, and certainly they also don't want to send independent women flocking to the GOP.

The solution, at least in the short term, will be have top-tier female supporters vouch for Obama to largely female audiences and keep the candidate himself away.

Obama sends supporters to blunt Palin's impact - Yahoo News

So how do the liberal democRATs attack Palin while avoiding sexism?

"She mastered the words written by the Bush speechwriters and delivered them well. But what we didn't hear was what people talk to me about every day," Sebelius told reporters.


It was slightly more polite than Axelrod: "She tried to attack Senator Obama by saying he had no significant legislative achievements. Maybe that's what she was told."

So the liberal democRATs claim a woman like Sarah Palin just cannot think for herself. She is stupid. Somebody else is writing her lines and spoon-feeding her with words to utter. No, no, no.. She is stupid not because she is a woman... No sir! That would be sexism. She is stupid because she is republican. You see Palin is a mother who refused to stay home, who became active in her "community", took leadership roles, involved in politics and became successful while kicking men's butts. If only she was smart enough to be a liberal democRAT... She would be hailed as a feminist hero today. Hollywood would be busy producing a movie about her fight against the good old boys' political machine. Nightly news anchors, cable news hosts and their guests would be talking about her "native intelligence", her "brilliant mind".

Take notice women of America: If you want to be celebrated by the media, TV, movie, entertainment elite in this country, become a liberal. It is easy! Just pick one or two issues and memorize a few slogans.