Senator Ted Kennedy’s Letter to the USSR

Senator Ted Kennedy's Letter to the USSR link was in Today's "Rush in a Hurry" email.

I had linked to Sweetness & Light post back in March when the democRATs and their partisan media were up in arms about Rush Limbaugh's comment that he hoped Obama to fail. As I explained then, Senator Kennedy not only hoped President Reagan failed but he actually wanted to conspire with the enemy to make that happen!

Read this so-called lion's letter folks... read the comments on this Sweetness & Light post. Most people did not know about this letter.

Senator Ted Kennedy was not a lion but a coward who worked against the best interests of this nation. He is involved in every liberal legislation that has harmed this nation. He passed before he was able to help to exact the biggest damage to our freedoms: Liberal democRAT take over of our lives by way of a health care reform legislation. We need to stand strong against liberal weasels who will try to use his death to spread more propaganda about this health care monstrosity.