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How minorities fooled by liberal democRATs

The Vilification of Rush By Kenneth L. Hutcherson should be required reading.

Liberals would prefer no opposition. Behind the force field of political correctness, there should never be any disagreement once the liberal mind has decided that something is good for society. There can be no opposition to the "correct" way of thinking, and if you don't think "correctly," you are attacked.

Read what political correctness is...

I've been writing here for years that the liberal democRATs are no friends to any minority as they claim to be. If you are black, woman, gay or any other minority who doesn't think "correctly", you will be attacked viciously. What matters to liberal democRATs is your complete, no-questions asked subscription to their ideology. So don't be fooled by these weasels.

The Minority Thought Pattern is the fuel for minorities, and especially African-Americans, to attack the very fabric that has given them the greatest opportunity to accomplish anything they so desire, including the opportunity for a people of slavery to rise and put a slave's descendant into the White House. (I am still trying to figure out what faction of his ancestry descended from slaves.)

The Minority Thought Pattern is aimed at destroying America, at rending the very fabric that makes America great. The Minority Thought Pattern denies the greatness, honor, bravery, courage, humility, and sacrifice that has brought us the power to be the greatest nation that has ever existed. The Minority Thought Pattern has a mission to undermine and redefine every characteristic of America, maintaining that it is a nation based on greed, cowardice, selfishness, and a lack of genuine humility. The Minority Thought Pattern is the reason for all the apologies to the rest of the world for how bad American is, coming even from our top leader.

The problem that America has always had is the lack of understanding of what a conquering nation does. When a nation conquers another it always forces the conquered to assimilate into the conqueror's culture and ways. We as Americans have always been the great melting pot of society and the world. We want everyone to become just like us.

The Minority Thought Pattern now wants a nineteen-burner stove with every pot separate and different, and that has given us multiculturalism today. Multiculturalism in its present form has already proven unworkable. Remember in the South the fight between blacks and whites with the concept of "separate but equal." Blacks realized that being "separate but equal" is not equality at all. Those separate pots are no different.

Who in this modern America decide what is right and wrong, what is politically correct or not? Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros,, the NFL, the Players Association, and the liberal thinkers and media? I ask, who are the bigots here? The Minority Thought Pattern is the great supporter of ignorant intellectualism. It is the foundation that destroys common sense.

Bingo! I am so glad that people are no longer afraid to speak out about these anti-American schemes like multiculturalism and diverstity.

You see folks therein lies the explanation for the popularity of Rush Limbaugh. He has been saying things most people were afraid to say themselves. Simple, common sense things that are made fun of by liberal intellectuals. I wrote about this on Columbus Day. I posted about the sheer stupidity of multiculturalism countless times. The stupidity of celebrating multiculturalism when it is being used to destroy our own culture is so obvious that there is no way any one can believe that the people who advocate multiculturalism are not seeing it. The only conclusion one can reach is that they are for destroying western civilization. They are for destroying the United States of America. They do not want new immigrants to assimilate into our culture not because they truly believe the immigrants' cultures are better but to to destroy what makes America America. That's their plan folks and it is not good for immigrants either. You see, most immigrants who come here for freedom and opportunity the United States of America offers -- not the islamist invaders -- do want to be Americanized. They want to be part of this country but the liberal masters shun them.

Another point to ponder is what will happen when these liberal weasels get their way, destroy this country and turn it into a marxist hell? Do you think they will celebrate diversity and multiculturalism? Heck no! There is no such thing in marxist-communist states. There is conformity and uniformity not diversity in communist states.

Don't be fooled by wanna be commies here in the U.S.

This is a classic example of the Minority Thought Pattern at work, commingling guilty and fearful whites with a sense of rage and grievance from minorities. As result, the game that both Rush and I love has suffered. An American institution, founded by whites but open to and heavily populated by blacks today, is harmed.

This is extremely personal to me. It's about a friend. When I look at Rush, I don't see a white man; I see a friend. I don't see a talk show host (a very famous talk show host); I see a friend, and friendship overrides color and political stances. I don't see a controversial figure, but a man whose heart and thoughts I know, and a man who is not a racist.

I believe with all my heart that minorities, especially African-Americans, will never be free until they stop allowing people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to insist they adopt the mentality of victims. Likewise, they will not be free until they take the next bold step: start thanking God for America, and stop condemning the white male.

It is time for America to reject the Minority Thought Pattern and the hateful campaign against Rush Limbaugh.

Liberal democRATs are succeeding in destroying African-Americans.

"African-Americans, will never be free until they stop allowing people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to insist they adopt the mentality of victims."

Think about that for a minute. Other minorities are doing way better than blacks, why? Because they have no excuse to play the victim. Liberal democRATs are trying hard to make Hispanics and Asians to feel like they were victims of the big bad white male and the western civilization.

Liberal way of fighting our enemies

In Massachusetts not long ago, I found myself driving behind a car with "Free Tibet," "Save Darfur," and "Obama 08" bumper stickers. I wonder if it will ever dawn on the owner of that car that at least one of those stickers doesn't belong.

Does Obama Believe in Human Rights? - WSJ

Liberals... Defenders of freedom and liberty all over the world! One bumper sticker at a time.

Obama and liberals are cowards. Plain and simple.

I've been writing about this:

obama's america: no longer a shining city…

Obama abandons fredom loving people everywhere!

Promises or Lies?

This is what I wrote back in March 2009:

Obama is a con-man. What he is doing is no different than what a small time con-man who knocks on your door and smooth talks and distracts you while his co-conspirators start ransacking your house. He has no intention of doing what he is saying. It is all designed to keep you distracted while his co-conspirators doing exactly the opposite of what he says he is doing.

How liberal teachers brainwash our kids

In McDonald, Pa., 30 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, fourth-grade students at Fort Cherry Elementary put Columbus on trial this year — charging him with misrepresenting the Spanish crown and thievery. They found him guilty and sentenced him to life in prison.

"In their own verbiage, he was a bad guy," teacher Laurie Crawford said.

A darker side of Columbus emerges in US classrooms

Notice how she puts it: "In their own verbiage.." No mention of the brain washing, one sided information feeding to her fourth graders.

Kids, listen up! Christopher Columbus was a great man. He was a courageous explorer and discoverer. Yes, he did discover America! He is part of your heritage. Part of Western civilization that you are part of. He went to where no man had gone before. He is the historical equivalent of Captain Kirk. We should all be grateful that Christopher Columbus decided to be an explorer not a teacher who complained about historical figures back in the 900s. That is the perspective you should keep. Your teacher is complaining about historical events and figures that are 500 years old. S/he is trying to judge these events and figures through the prism of a nonsensical ideology.

Ask yourselves, what would have had happened if there were not courageous people like Christopher Columbus? Number one thing is you and your teacher would not exist Today. Ask your teacher if she doesn't like her existence? Really kids, the history of the world, the history of the mankind is the history of the competition between civilizations, explorations and conquests. So far the Western Civilization that you are part of is ahead. What does your teacher have against our civilization? Would she rather be on the losing side?

Kids, Ayn Rand Institute has a great article by By Michael S. Berliner, Ph.D. Read it and ask your teacher to read it.

Columbus day approaches, but to the "politically correct" this is no cause for celebration. On the contrary, they view the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492 as an occasion to be mourned. They have mourned, they have attacked, and they have intimidated schools across the country into replacing Columbus Day celebrations with "ethnic diversity" days.

Continue to read...

Columbus Day: A Time to Celebrate

The attack on Christopher Columbus and his legacy is an attack on the Western Civilization. Notice that the same people who rip our civilization every chance they get, have nothing bad to say about the competing ones like islam and communism. Ask your teacher how many people islam killed by sword or by bringing new diseases in the days when it was conquering Europe and why does she not condemn it? Why does she want to celebrate the modern day invasion of islam as diversity and multiculturalism while it is clear that the islam wants to destroy our civilization?

Kids, be proud of your history, your culture and your civilization.

Some cultures are better than others: a free society is better than slavery; reason is better than brute force as a way to deal with other men; productivity is better than stagnation. In fact, Western civilization stands for man at his best. It stands for the values that make human life possible: reason, science, self-reliance, individualism, ambition, productive achievement. The values of Western civilization are values for all men; they cut across gender, ethnicity, and geography. We should honor Western civilization not for the ethnocentric reason that some of us happen to have European ancestors but because it is the objectively superior culture.

This paragraph above will probably make your teacher gag but hey, it is the truth.

There are a lot of misguided people like your teacher who actually want to celebrate the losing sides in the history of the world. Do you want to be losers? When you hear people like your teacher criticize your history, your culture, your civilization; ask them what alternative they are rooting for?

Islamist Jihadists attacked us and killed innocents on September 11, 2001, Mr. President

White House web page has a small blurp about September 11:

On this 8th anniversary of the tragedies of September 11th, the White House observed a moment of silence at 8:46 AM. The President will speak at the Pentagon Memorial later this morning.

"tragedies of September 11th," that's what it says.

This is repulsive.

Our kenyan-indonesian-muslim-marxist president thinks a deliberate attack by islamist terrorists that killed thousands of Americans is no different than a natural disaster. Second, you may think that the use of word "tragedies" in plural is to cover all the attacks that day, but in reality it is a code word for these leftist delusional cowards who want to bring western civilization down as much as the islamist jihadists. You see folks, "tragedies" also cover the tragedy of poor, desperate muslims who were left with no choice but to turn to violence because of the policies of U.S. according to these cowards. Leftists always find a way to show empathy to the perpetrators of terrorist and criminal acts no matter how heinous the crimes are. They always try to make the case that it is always the civilized western society's fault that murderer went on a rampage or 19 plus muslims followed a highly detailed plan to attack us.

No Mr. Hussein, September 11, was no tragedy. We were attacked by evil savages that day. No, you leftist morons, we will not fall for your propaganda. September 11 attacks were perpetrated by islamist jihadists who were recruited and trained by a rich muslim and his organization. All muslims involved in the attacks came from fairly well-off circumstances and they were educated, some in this country by the leftist brainwashers in our colleges.

Mr. Hussein, STOP the WHITE-WASHING of September 11, 2001 attacks.

This is not a day for fighting climate change or changing light bulbs or hugging trees or cheerleading expansions of government national service programs.

This is a day to honor innocent men, women, and children slaughtered by evil Islamic jihadists — and to resolve that “Never again” remains America’s operational stance, not an empty slogan.

What will you remember? What will you resolve?

Eight years later: Remembrance and resolve

We should all resolve to fight the liberal democRAT cowardice in fighting terrorism. Don't forget folks: liberal democRAT policies and attacks on our own intelligence and cowardice in attacking the enemies contributed massively to our inability to stop September 11 attacks. Mr. Hussein's speeches will not stop the evil. His delusional policies will make it easier for terrorists to attack us.

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